Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Target trip...

OOPS I totally forgot to post this last week!

Nivea Body was $3.19 (used $3 off coupon on each)
Sally Hansen nail polish 2.04 (used $1 off target coupon and $1 off printable coupon)

Total OOP: $.87 (most of it was tax)

Have you found any good deals lately?

Have a great day!

Harris Teeter Triples----MY TRIP with LINKY

Yay for Triples!

Total retail: $57.47
Total OOP: $15.87

Coupon Savings: $35.50
EVIC savings:    $6.10

I did buy blueberries (BOGO so rang up 1/2 price) $2.49
Eggs $1.79
Bleach $.99

but everything else had a coupon

How did you do?  Post your link below.  


Monday, May 16, 2011

My Rite-Aid Trip and savings

Sorry the picture is so dark.. I am not sure why it came out so dark.

Transaction #1
Kotex U Tampons (2ea) @2/$7
Kotex U Panty liners (2ea) @2/$7
Kotex U pads (2 ea) @2//$7
Used $1/1 on all of the above.
Total before coupons: $21 (without tax)
Total after coupons: $15 (without tax)
Total OOP including tax: $16.05
Recieved $5 +up reward on next transaction...

Transaction #2
Kotex tampons (2ea) @2/$7
used $1.50/2 coupon and $5 +up reward from transaction #1
Total before coupon/+up: $7 (before tax)
Total OOP: $.98 ($.35 of that was tax)

On transaction #2 I received a code on my receipt for me to take a survey and save $3 off my next $15 purchase!

So Total before coupons and +up rewards: $30.03
Total OOP: $17.03 ($14.03 if you want to count that I got $3 off my next purchase)

How did you do?


Menu Plan Monday 5/15-5/22

It's been a while.  I've been doing my menu plans, just haven't been diligent about posting.

Monday: Baked Wacky Mac (like baked ziti but with wacky mac) and a salad and rolls (making 2 freezing 1)

Tuesday: Lefovers

Wednesday: Dirty rice and greens (making 2 freezing 1)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Chicken and rice

Saturday:  Grilled Chicken, grilled baked potato and veggies

Sunday: Leftovers

Have a great week everyone.  Have you made your meal plan yet?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I saved/made this weekend

Have you ever thought about how much money you are saving your family by doing things yourself?

This crossed my mind today and I like to think of it as money I made my family.  I think of it that way because I would do these things regardless and by doing them myself, therefore, I made money :)  The way I see it, the more money I save my family, the more money we have to do FUN things.

This is me putting a price on my time for this weekend.

Highlights: $85 at LEAST for just foil highlights and a wash.
What I paid: $0 I used the stuff I have, I buy at Sally's and it lasts me a LONG time

Pedi/Mani: $30 is the least I have seen this combo for and that's on Groupon and Social Living
What I paid: $0 I have everything I need including the razor thing for the dead skin on my heels!

Rented a Movie from RedBox: $1
What I paid: $0- I had a free code

Watched 2 new movies we have not seen before  $2 at least to rent from Redbox
What I paid $0- got them from the library

bought a New vase with seashell filler decoration for my living room: $53 at least for the "model" I loved at Pottery Barn
What I paid $2 -$1 for each the vase and filler from Dollar Tree

Birthday Card, Hats, party favors, and cookie mix and tin to finish off hubbies birthday care package: $10 roughly
What I paid: $5 -dollar tree and outlet store

Mcdonald's Frozen Strawberry lemonade for K: $2 roughly
What I paid $0- coupon from today's paper

Not to mention cooking all meals all weekend and the Uncle Ben's rice I got FREE.  $2.30 value.. (my coupon was expiring)

Total I would have paid: roughly $185
What I actually spent this weekend: just under $16
what I saved/made this weekend: $169

So how much did YOU make this weekend?  Our time is Money ladies.

Oh and later this week I will be waxing myself.. I don't see paying all that money for stuff I can do myself :)

Have a great Week..


Harris Teeter TRIPLES! Wed 5/18 match-ups SO FAR

Starts at 7am Wed 5/18
only 20 coupons per person per day (tracked by EVIC card)
Triple up to $.99 (IE $.75 coupon is worth $2.25!)
Only one coupon per item
Can only use 1 coupon on BOGO items
For more policy info go HERE

I am not an OFFICIAL match-up blog, however, I did do the work on the coupons I have (Including today's newspaper) under $.99.  If you have others please feel free to let me know and I'll add it.

I haven't confirmed if HT does overages or not*


French's Spicy mustard or honey mustard dipping sauce $1.99
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
= FREE or $.26 overage

Franks Hot Sauce  $1.45
$.50/1 (5/15 insert)
= FREE to $.01 overage

Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.45
$.55/1 (5/15 insert)
= FREE to $.20 overage

French's Worcestershire sauce  $1.69
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
=FREE to up to $.56 overage (I also priced for the next size up at $1.99)

Band-aid Travel Pack $1
$.50/1 (says ANY neosporin OR Band-aid product travel pack is cheapest- older paper)
= FREE to $.50 overage

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $2.25
$/75/1 (coupon I got in the mail along with a FREE one)


Ortega Season mix (taco or fajita ect) $.99
$50/2 ortega products
=$.48/2 (older paper insert)

Heluva Good dip  $2.49
$.55/1 (5/15 insert)
= $.84

Sunsweet D'nior Prunes Dried $2.99
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
= $.79

Dole Parfait pineapple&cream or apples & cream  $2.79
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
= $.54

Frank's REDHOT, sweet chili, Thick, or Wing Sauce $2.99
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
= $.74

Zataran's Rice Mix $1.59
$.75/2 (older insert not sure what one)

Band-aid butterfly closure (MED)  $1.69
$.50/1 neosporin or band-aid product


Yoplait Gogurt $2.50
$.75/2 (older instert or ALL YOU I forgot)

DOLE Gel  $2.79
$.75/2 (5/15 insert)

SHOUT Stain Remover WIPES $2.69
$.55/1 ANY Shout laundry product
= $1.04

French's Classic Yellow Mustard $1.99
$.30/1 (5/15 insert)

Sister Schuberts Rolls (frozen) $3.99
$.75/1 (older insert)

Totino's Pizza Rolls $2.19
$.40/2 (older insert)

Scott Wipes $2.65
$.75/1 (older insert)
$1.16 ea

Schick Hydro Shaving gel $3.89
$.75/1 (5/15 insert)
=$1.64 ea

Nature Valley Granola Thins $3.49
$.75/1 (older insert)
=$1.24 ea

Those are just the coupons I had under $.99 that weren't ridiculously still expensive.

Of course the circular isn't out yet.  These are based on the prices posted online.

If you have other match-ups or see I've made a mistake please let me know.

ALSO after you finish shopping on Wednesday, post a picture and your retail and Out of Pocket (OOP) and don't forget to come by here and post your link.  I want to see how everyone did!  I'll be posting mine :)



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BLOOM- Super Doubles

I am a couponer, but I am NOT an extreme couponer and I do NOT buy things I don't use with coupons just because they are FREE or CHEAP.

I am happy with my recent haul at BLOOM today.  Here is what I got:

 Whole Bean DD coffee $8.99-$3.00 ($1.50 coupon doubled x2) =$5.99  still pricey but I LOVE this and you can't find it that cheap anywhere!

Wacky Mac x2 $1.59 ea $1/2 doubled to $2 = $.59 ea

Northern White Beans (no coupon but I need them for minestrone soup and beans and cornbread-I have a hambone I need to use) $1.32

Banana's $.55 lb $1.52

Green Pepper $.79

Yoplait greek yogurt cups x4 $1 ea $.60/2 (doubled to $1.20/2) $.40 ea did I mention GREEK!!!

Lysol Toilet cleaner x4 $1.50 each $1/2 ($2/2) = $.50 ea roughly

FINISH powerball dishwashing stuff $.3.99  $.75/1 (doubled $1.50/1) =$2.49 a bit pricy but cheaper than any other and I NEEDED it.  I ran out last night

WOOLITE 50oz HE detergent  $8.39 used $3/1 = $5.39 pricey but it's WOOLITE!

Greased Lightning multipurpose spray x2  2/$5.00 on sale.  Used $1/1 ($2/1)= $.50 each

Reach Floss $1.49 used $1/1 ($2/1) Looks like I made $.51 on this one.  They usually don't give overages but I guess they just rolled it over.  

Total before Breeze Card and coupons: $63.05
Total OOP:                                             $28.21
Total Saved!                                            $34.84

How did you do???  Post a link and I'll check it out :)

Happy Shopping