Friday, February 26, 2010

just one of those "girl" days.... ugh earbuds!

At least it's Friday!

There are some days when it's just hard to be a girl. Apparently I'm having one of those days. I literally ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and was so ANGRY I got off in TEARS!

Everything went wrong.

Let me just say that 20 min is NOT a good run for me. It wasn't even 2 miles. I run at least 3 miles when I run on the treadmill. I do at least 5 outside. So yes 1 3/4 is NOT a good run for me.

It started off when I was at about 3/4 mile and had to stop TMI WARNING ( to go to the bathroom!) I know I should have went before I got on the treadmill. I tried running through it, but when you gotta go, you gotta go! Especially when you drink as much coffee as me. I HATE to have to stop once I start running.

After I get back on, I am just having issues with my new earbuds. I must have small ears because NO earbuds fit me right. GRRRR.. yesterday hubby and I went shopping and the sweetie he is, bought me an armband for my new IPOD touch and new earbuds, the kind you can wrap around your ears. I was so excited. So much in fact that I skipped the gym today because I wanted to use my new gear. (that and K has been complaining of a sore throat but I sent her to school telling her she can go to the nurse if she is feeling bad, Friday's are test days. I am NOT a bad mom! LOL) I expected a call. Didn't get one :) she is fine now and at a friends house playing. They got out early today. OK Back to my earbuds- These new ones don't even fit right and the cord is sooo long not to mention I miss the volume control by the right earbud that is on the ones that come with the IPOD. I was pushing through STILL with these annoying buds!

Since I was missing the volume control and for some reason some of my songs are quieter than others, I had to take my IPOD out of the arm band to adjust the volume. ANNOYING.. since it's so snug in the thing and it's got a plastic covering.

All of these normally wouldn't bother me.. BUT today is a GIRL day..


Happy Friday

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