Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh I would never.............

It's Friday, and this is my week-in-review. I don't know why ever it would be implicated that I would ever take short cuts.. I'm sure I wouldn't know what they were talking about...

I do NOT clean the downstairs of my house top-to-bottom 1 to 2 times a week, but the upstairs every other week.

I do NOT clean the downstairs bathroom 1-2 times a week and the upstairs bathroom only 1 time a week, especially since it's K's bathroom and we all know how sinks look after kids brush their teeth.

I do not occasionally do NOTHING all day, but shortly before hubby gets home, dust the downstairs to make it "smell" like I cleaned.

I did not leave leftovers in the fridge all week only to take them out this morning so hubby wouldn't sing happy birthday to the taco fixin's when he gets home.

Hubby does NOT sing or say Happy Birthday to leftovers if they are in the fridge for a week..

I am NOT taking today off from working out because I work this weekend and I HAVE to workout both days.

I do NOT think it's gross to clean MY hair out of MY shower.

I do NOT only vacuum my stairs 1-2 times a MONTH.

I do NOT secretly hate that we have a split stair case for the previous reason.

I do NOT see that grime left in the coffee cup and ignore it and keep drinking more.

I do NOT have to drink a small amount of ginger ale at lunch daily so I don't get sick in the afternoon and it's NOT because of my coffee addiction.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Into Reading

If you are a regular reader of my blog and especially my TWITTER then you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read.  I ran across This Fall Into Reading theme over at Callapidder Days  I am not sure why the button turned out odd looking.

My Fall Reading List:

1022 Evergreen Place(currently reading)

A Scattered Life

When Night Falls

Talk of the Town

Once a Cowboy

and maybe--- Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (classic love it!)

I am also in the process of writing my own book.. so I think Fall reading will be slow this year.  I may or may not get trough all of these :)

Happy Reading.. I am looking forward to checking out everyones lists.

If you want to join checkout the details and add your "mr. linky"  HERE


It is really happening?

My tomboy is turning into a girl!  YAY! She came to me this morning and asked me which of her necklaces she should wear.. WHAT?!  My baby girl is wanting to wear one of the various necklaces, myself or family members have bought her over the years, that she has discarded and hung over her various t-ball, little league and cheerleading trophies!!!  Not only is she currently wearing 1, but she is wearing 2 of them because she couldn't decide!

I knew this day would come.  In fact, I was a tomboy growing up as well.  I do not remember what age or when I turned into a "girl" but it happened.  I am sure it also coincided with the observation of the opposite sex... OY! NOOO

I am not ready for my little girl to be into boys for many reasons.  The most being of course I am scared of her being hurt, it happens to everyone at some point!  Also the moment kids start noticing the opposite sex, they stop caring about school and care more about what they look like, who to impress, who is cool, and so on. I do not like drama and am not ready for her pre-teen drama yet!  She isn't even 10 yet, I have 9 days before she is a 10 year old!! I am not ready for her to be a "tween" yet.

I think I am going to write out her goals and thoughts and interests at this milestone of a decade of her life.  If not for her for me.  I think it will be fun to look back on it in a few years and see if she is still the same little girl :')

Happy first FULL FALL DAY!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recipe: Minestrone Soup

Now that fall is here it's time to start making soups to warm us up!

This soup is so yummy and healthy.  If your kids love soup like mine THIS is a great way to get them to eat veggies without even realizing! And around 100 calories a bowl you can't beat it..

1 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 cloves garlic (minced)
1/2 small onion (minced)
1 large can of crushed tomatoes with juices
1 can of spinach
1 can of kidney beans
1 package of frozen (or canned) green beans
1 cup of uncooked pasta (I used whole wheat penne, you can use penne, small shells, elbows, whatever you have)
1 32 OZ container of chicken broth (you can use vegetable instead)
1 tbsp italian seasoning
salt and pepper to taste
1 bay leaf

In a large pot pour in the olive oil, add the minced garlic and onions (I mince using a zester right over the pot), let them cook for a short bit while you open everything else.  Add in everything else.  Mix together, bring to boil, simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Remove Bay leaf and Enjoy.

Use What you have:
Use frozen veggies instead of canned, use whatever green veggies you have
Use fresh veggies, just cook a smidgen longer.
Use Vegetable broth instead of chicken to make in 100% vegetarian
Use fresh tomatoes (I would boil and remove skins first this is what I do for my pasta sauces)
use fresh seasonings instead of canned, canned is usually easier to come by in the colder months
use garlic powder or onion powder instead of fresh (I prefer fresh but if you don't have it use 1 tsp of each to taste)
Use white beans instead of kidney beans, any kind will work, I prefer canned beans since dry ones take too long to cook

This soup is really good in a bread bowl or with a baguette or by itself.



Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Fall

What are you most excited about for the Fall?
The leaves changing?
Cooler temperatures?
Halloween, Thanksgiving?
Wearing long sleeves?
Shorter days?
redecorating your house?
picking apples?
baking apple pies?

What excites you most about the Fall?

I love everything about Fall!

Do you have any traditions you do in the fall?

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Make a difference this Christmas!" (guest post)

This isn't officially a guest post.  But I would like you to head over to  Mama4Real and check out the links she posted today.  I plan on using these sites for my Christmas shopping.  How about you?

The excitement of the new school year has worn off...

It's ONLY the beginning of week 3 of school and already the excitement has wore off.  K was dragging this morning.  So much I had to threaten a 7:30 bedtime.  Her normal bedtime is 8pm but I let her read for 30 min.  The more and more she gets up dragging I'm moving up her bedtime.

However, the end result was success, she is fed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed and on the bus!  WHEW this morning took more energy than it should have.

Hubby is on an airplane heading out of town for the week for work.  I won't be doing a Menu plan this week.  When hubby is gone, K and I just wing dinner.  Sandwiches, Brinner (breakfast for dinner), tacos, pasta carbonara ect..  all of her favorite things and easy on me to make :)

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I just don't understand people..

First let me start by saying.. WOW 2 blogs in one day.. I must have a lot to say

Did you hear on the news about this lady that was attacked and another lady threw acid in her face.. the "victim" was going on Oprah but cancelled, she was on all of the morning news shows.  She even had a sketch of her attacker..  an african american lady with short hair and 3 ear rings in one ear...

WELL it was a HOAX!!!  She threw the acid in her OWN face.. What is wrong with people..  There are so many things about this story that tick me off.
1. She wasted our time and the police and tax money
2. She was a white lady and said her attacker was a black lady.. why do people do that?!
3. She was all in the media, was even going on Oprah..  she is a LIAR
4. She was saying it was divine intervention that she bought sunglasses like 10 minutes before the "attack" happend.  And that she never wears sunglasses so it must have been God... That makes me mad because she even lied on GOD!!!

Why are people crazy..

Just like the Balloon by story and the guy that wrote that book and went on Oprah saying it was his story and it was made up!

What is wrong with people?!

I also saw on the news today that a dad got on a school bus to confront his daughters bullies.  His daughter has Cerebral Palsy and was being bullied.
1. I don't blame the dad .. did he do it the wrong way?  YES
2. I am ticked at the bullies parents, who doesn't teach their kids to accept everyone especially those with disabilities, they didn't choose to be that way.  Everyone has feelings!
3. Usually if kids are being bullied the parents can help the kids through it and teach them how to stick up for themselves, in this case the girl couldn't, she has limitations.  So was her dad right in sticking up for her YES!! I am so glad this little girl has a dad that loves her so much!  However he should have went to the school and/or bus driver and not yell and curse at the kid (bully).

Ok I am going to remove myself from my soap box now.

I just don't know what is wrong with people?


What are you looking forward too?

I recently got one of those emails where you fill in things about yourself and fwd it to everyone you know.. you know the things I'm talking about, they are rampid on Facebook and Myspace (although I haven't had either for a while now so I'm not sure if they are so popular).

Well one of the questions was 3 things you are looking forward too... hmmm this one stumped me..

I did however love reading what everyone else was looking forward too.. that got me curious.  I want to know what YOU are looking forward too, it could be 1 thing for a handful..  but I want to know What are YOU looking forward too?

I would have to say K's 10th birthday in 2 weeks, and Fall...  AND being able to use the fireplace and drink some hot chocolate and relax in front of it...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

motivation or lack there of....

I have been so faithful with my workouts lately.  But I skipped yesterday (I had to buy groceries and do yard work) that is ok it's not like I sat on the couch and ate brownies all but it set me into a spiral.

Today I was NOT motivated to run.  I had to give myself a pep talk and the fact that I knew I'd feel awful later in the day if I didn't go.. because I know whether I run or not I'm going to eat the same amount!

I forced myself out to put on my workout clothes and running shoes.. picked music (Journey today, not usually running music but it's what I wanted to listen too) and just did it...  I went farther and longer today than normal.  Sometimes we can get our best workouts when we are not motivated...

Note to self: just get out there and do it, even if you don't feel like it

I would love to go to Starbucks and get another Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte and I would in fact, if I hadn't been to lazy to put a bra on after showering... lol  yes that's right ... I hate bra's and being the size I am.. I need one..

Happy Thursday all

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's the little things that make me happy

*Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte (had my first of the season today after buying groceries)

*grocery shopping early at a store that is NOT the commissary so there aren't many people there and it's not stressful

*Double Coupons!

*Saving money on gas for just buying groceries

*fall weather

*my quiet time that I can choose how to spend it

*deciding NOT to weed and trim bushes today, because it's starting to warm up and I can do that tomorrow!

*the smile on K's face (anytime)

*did I mention Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte... lol

Seriously I love them..  The store is 6 miles from my house, my grande was GONE before I got home!  I am thinking about going back after 2 and get one for $2!!!!

I hope everyone has a good day!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things you rarely think about... until you need too

There are somethings you just don't think about until you need too.

One of those things is trash pickup.  You don't think about it.. you make sure the can it out when it needs to be and bring it back around when it's empty.  Usually taking it to the street is my job bringing it back in is K's or hubbies.. who ever sees it empty first.

Well for 2 weeks we haven't gotten ours collected.  Last week we chalked it up to the holiday, since none of the neighbors had theirs collected either.

This morning I notice the garbage truck drive right past our FULL garbage can.. WHAT IS THE DEAL.. I made a few calls and still need to go see the lady for the Home Owners Association (trash collection is included in our dues).  Moving can be a pain in the butt, I often wonder why people submit themselves to such unavoidable stress!!

Fingers crossed we get our garbage picked up this week!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't done this in a while.  I've just been cooking whatever we have, whenever..  But this week I will need to go to the grocery store for a big trip.. so I am going to plan some meals to help me with that :)
I am not planning weekend meals.  I never stick to them, often we go out for a big late lunch and don't eat a big dinner or we will go buy some fresh seafood, or hubby raids the freezer and grills a ton of meat :)

Monday: Baked Chicken Ziti   I was planning on making Ziti tonight and saw this today.. I am going to freeze the 2nd one :)

Tuesday: Leftovers from Monday

Wednesday: taco's

Thursday: cheeseburgers and homemade french fries

Friday: Homemade Pizza or leftover

I am craving a big pot of chili as well, now that the weather has turned a bit cooler.  I may replace on of my nights with chili.  :)  Probably Thursday or Friday.

more menu plan ideas HERE and HERE

have a great week all :)


Friday, September 10, 2010

The days of summer are gone...

I am kind of sad summer days are gone.  I miss K while she is at school, but also love that I can relax after the house is clean and enjoy a clean house for a few hours, that I can eat or not eat lunch when I want, and that I can go to the grocery store by myself.  However, I am going to miss our spontaneous trips to the zoo, or farms, or Aquarium, or Parks, or canoeing ect...

On another note we are mostly moved into our new house... this is my favorite room and view in the house

We never have to worry about anyone moving in behind us because it's "protected wet lands".  LOVE THAT.

I do miss living across the street from the Bay that was an awesome view and not to mention our neighbors caught a ton of crabs and gave us some.. I'm all about FREE crab for dinner :)  but we are in a better school district and do not have to have the hassle of going and coming on the base anymore!

BUT Fall is upon us.. and it IS my favorite time of year.  I love the cooler weather, changing of the leaves, K's birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving which lead into the HOLIDAY'S.. Time goes by so fast the older you get.. some days I wish life was a TIVO and I could pause and rewind!

Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend..


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farm Fresh trip for this week

I will say I did my research and was very organized before this trip.. Resulting in my BEST savings YET!

Here is how it added up (btw all my coupons said to NOT double and thankfully they DID double YAY!)

also I took my delights and fiber one yogurt out before I took this pic.. I almost forgot to take the pic that's why they are empty containers here. :)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch- $2.00
used $1 off of two (2 of them) also the GM promotion gave me $.50 off each for $2 more off.
Paid: $2 for 4 boxes or $.50 each box

Milk-$3.39 (didn't have a coupon but needed milk)

Grands Biscuits-$1.50
used $1/2 coupon
paid: $2/4 or $.50 each

Kraft Cheese-2/$4.00
used $5 off coupon
Paid: $5/5 or $1 each

Yogurt-fiber one, delights and yo plus
I bought 2 packages of each at $2.50 each minus the $.50 promotion so $2 each
used $1 of one
FREE!!!! 6 packages of yogurt FREE!!!

Total before: $42.39
total savings: $30
Total OOP: $13.07
savings of 71%

I also got 50 bonus box tops
$1 off my next shopping trip
$2 off 5 GM cereals
$1.25 off yocrunch 100 cal packs
and a discount on gas

go HERE and HERE for Farm Fresh match-ups and to see where I got all of my good information and also info about the promotions going on right now..  buy 10 General Mills items get $5 off instantly at register and 50 bonus box tops... there is also a Kelloggs one where you can get $10 on your next shopping trip.  I didn't do that one.  Also these blogs link up to the coupons as well!

Happy Shopping..  Thanks ladies for the information..


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school, time to blog again? Maybe..

I have been such a bad bad blogger lately!  I just didn't have the TIME!

Week before last we moved into our new house!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  But it is so much work.  We are mostly finished.  There is a bit of unpacking left to do, mainly because we got rid of all of our old bedroom furniture.. both ours and K's and bought brand new stuff.  We are waiting on it to be made and then delivered!  SO we still have clothes and bedroom stuff that we need to unpack.  Our hang up stuff is in the closets but we need drawers! lol..  Those are one of those things you don't think about until you don't have. :)

Today is the first day of school for K.  She is in 4th grade.. WOW they grow up so fast.  It's hard to believe summer is over already.  I am glad to get back to some sort of routine though!  I already have my errands ran that I needed to run today and my cleaning done I wanted to do today!  The Direct TV guys will be here soon to hook up our satellite YIPPEE!!!!  Hubs is going to head home from work soon to meet them here to make sure they do everything right I suppose...  He has been off for over a week.. SO today everyone is back to business :)

I hope to have more time to blog about the randomness that is my life.  More importantly I hope to have time to read YOUR blogs regularly!!!

Have a great day..