Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mexican Dirty Rice Recipe

I couldn't figure out what I wanted for dinner.. K picked out the meat today and picked ground turkey.. she didn't want meat loaf, I don't have any buns for hamburgers or tomatoes left for marinara sauce or tortilla's for tacos.. sooo I go through my cabinets and came up with this.. it was awesome!!! Hubs had 3 helpings and we have NO leftovers!! I think he would of had more if there was more.. K liked it but said it was spicy.. she doesn't do spicy..

I call it Mexican Dirty Rice... (and super cheap too!)

1 pd ground turkey (or beef whatever you have)
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp creole seasoning (like Tony Satcheres or Zattarans)
1 package of taco seasoning
1-1.5 cups of rice
2 cups water

I ground the turkey with the garlic powder and creole seasoning... (in a sauce pan)
after it's browned add rice and taco seasoning mix together
add water stir, bring to boil, cover put temp on low and cook until rice is cooked (20-30 min)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Blog Hop

my first ever blog hop! YAY I'm so excited.. :)

I'll follow back, just leave me a comment telling me you are a new follower from the blog hop :)

Happy Thursday and blog hopping :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Farm Fresh Trip

I didn't do great but didn't do too bad either.  I don't have any coupons over $1 I want to use so I didn't go to Harris Teeter for super doubles (it's a longer drive than FF)

Total OOP: $32.31
Total Saved: $19.00

grapes were $.98 lb and bananas $.49 lb I couldn't pass that up!  Also I should have only gotten one fruit chillers I would have gotten it free (I had 2 coupons)

Happy Wednesday!


ps I also went to the commissary for meat and frozen veggies and the rest of my produce and cereal.. I spent $77 there YIKES.. but it was meat!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

fleas and ants.. really?

UGGG So not only does my dog have fleas, my kitchen has ants...


I have been searching for non-toxic ways to rid the house/dog of fleas...  don't want to hurt K or the dog in the process of de-fleaing...

In the mean time I have used a powder on the carpet and a spray on the dog (just today)  we also shampoo her but they keep coming back the frontline and flea colors are not working..  This stuff stinks I literally have a headache...

And the ants, K noticed them on the back door a couple days ago.. I sprayed antibacterial spray and they were gone.. to only appear on my kitchen counter.. I can't figure out where they are coming from.. they are tiny tiny ants.. I go in and spray every hour or so.. and kill the ones I see.. I AM SO READY TO MOVE!  lol

Happy Monday all..

Tips on getting rid of these pesky critters welcome :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

C'mon admit it, you've done it as Ok maybe just me.

Setting the scene.

It's 9pm on Saturday night.  K and I just finished watching Rescue Highway on Animal Planet.  It's her bed time. I put her to bed and go to bed myself.  Hubs is in there watching a movie, I know I've seen.  I see Mel Gibson and a corn field IMMEDIATELY in my head I'm saying "Field of Dreams".  I go brush my teeth, wash my face ect.  Come to bed and stare watching "Field of Dreams" with hubby..

This is me for at LEAST an hour--saying to myself..

"Huh I don't remember their being Aliens in this movie"
"I really don't remember this movie being 'scary'"
"Wow it must have been FOREVER since I've seen this movie because I'm not remembering this"
"Where is the field, and his dad as a baseball player, they aren't even going outside, they are hiding in a basement"
SERIOUSLY this goes on for an HOUR at least.. Then Mel Gibson's character turns to his brother in the movie and says something about stuff being "SIGNS"  OH MY GOODNESS I am such an idiot.. This movie is "SIGNS".....

HA! Hubby then realizing I realized what movie I was watching and laughed at me.. YES he did let me believe for an hour I was watching the wrong movie...

Have a great Monday...