Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love Christmas time..

We picked up the stuff we painted last weekend at Color Me Mine. This is the mug I painted for me :)
This is our tree. I put it up Friday. I love having it up. It has presents under it now :)

K and I had a blast putting it up. We listened to all the same music I listened to as a kid with my mom, when we put up the tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Only we used to listen to them on records, yeah "those big black CD's that you put on a thing that makes them go around." That is what K think records are. HA! Now we listen to the on my Ipod. We sang along and decorated and had a blast. We also put up a smaller tree in her room.

Now I still have to tackle the outside.

Until next time...


PS I have to get my package ready for Cherryl at for the Bloggers Santa Swap we are doing. Tomorrow is the deadline to mail them.. I am such a procrastinator :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

HAPPY poem

Happy Thanksgiving.

I thought I'd post my poem I wrote for my family... it's cheesy but made me teary eyed....

Thanksgiving 2009

I am thankful for my family, my house and the food I eat.
Even if buying groceries isn't my favorite feat.

L. I am thankful for you,
even if we haven't always seen eye-to-eye.
You are still my #1 guy.

K. I am thankful for all of our moments together.
Even when your attitude causes stormy weather.

L. I am thankful for all you do for me,
and the 2nd and 3rd chances you've given me.
Without me coming back on begging knees.

K. I am thankful that GOD gave you to me.
You are the best gift I could have ever received.

I am eternally grateful for my family,
and all of our memories.

Last but not least.
I am thankful for the 10 wonderful years I had to love Hannah.
And the only thing that rhymes with that is Banana.

Cheesy I know, but I still love it.
K=daughter ( you all know that though)
Hannah is our doggie who passed away about a month ago.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My theory and why it's messed up!

My theory is stores take the season's "HOT" Toys and save them in the back until Black Friday or later. Almost as if they are rationing them. I think this is messed up.. I am willing to pay full price TODAY for a few of these little hamsters, tunnels and cute little car. BUT they are NO WHERE to be found today. This ONLY makes the "HOT" toy even hotter. Stores can basically mark them up in price just so they can mark them down (to regular price) to make it look like a sale.

I am so aggravated. At least K is too old to believe in Santa, so if I don't get these coveted little hamster toys then I will be able to explain it to her. She will be disappointed no doubt, but she will understand they are sold out and she will get them, just not now. When they believe in Santa they don't understand why Santa didn't bring them something. I have already talked her out of the Barbie digital nail printer. She wasn't upset over that. I just told her I may not be able to find these cute little critters she wants. She got upset, but I want to brace her. She even told me "I bet you did get them and you are telling me you didn't so I will be surprised." She may be disappointed Christmas morning. However, the gift that my in-laws got her will make up for it. THANK GOODNESS... She may be able to wait longer on this current coveted toy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... Have a blessed day!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I saw it...spoiler alert if you haven't seen New Moon and want too.

I saw New Moon today.. I did love it.. now ready for Eclipse.
I am going to have to wait for it to come out on DVD, to let K watch it.. it's PG 13 but some parts in there I don't know if I'd want her to see. The wolves can be sort of scary to a younger kid..

I LOVE THE END OF THE MOVIE... I read the books I knew it was coming.. I was waiting on it.. and YEP there is was... "MARRY ME, BELLA." awwww....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Anyone interested in a book club?

I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in a book club of sorts. We can read the same books and talk about them. Or we can just post about current books we are reading or books we read.
I am just throwing this out there. If people are interested I will create a grab button and use Mr. Linky to link to your page.

Please comment me and let me know if you are interested.


Fun with Flat Stanley

My daughter was chosen by one of her friends from Louisiana to be the person to have fun adventures with Flat Stanley. (I kept calling him Flat Bob, I thought it was funny.. K. not so much).

If you are not familiar with this story, it is a children's book about a boy who was flattened by a bulletin board. He discovered being flat was fun, and ended up traveling to California in an envelope, and had many adventures. This is where we come in. K is also in the 3rd grade (but we are not doing this project). K's friend from Louisiana mailed Flat Stanley to K. with a short letter explaining what he is and told her to have fun adventures with him and send him back with a letter and pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures.

We had fun with Flat Stanley. He went horseback riding, rode bikes, and played in the leaves. He also went in the car with us, to lunch and through the tunnel. We went to a paint your own pottery place to paint some Christmas presents. Flat Stanley came with us and helped K paint.

We are mailing Flat Stanley back today. Our adventures with him are over.

I think this is a cute project for kids. It teaches them to write letters, address an envelope and it was fun. It was a nice surprise when we got him in the mail Saturday. We had no clue it was coming. Which was a shock since G's mom, (the little boy that sent Stanley to K) and I talk all the time. She is one of my best friends. I imagine the kids in G's class are going to have so much fun reading the letters and looking at the pictures of all of the Flat Stanley's adventures.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Friday

I am so excited. Still trying to decide if I want to go today or not. I am going to see it regardless. I am just not feeling too hot.. sinuses. I also hate crowds and am very picky about where I sit in a movie theater. I am thinking 10 on a Monday or Tuesday will be less crowded then on a Friday.

Do anyone else avoid movies or events because of the crowds or what is familiar? (like I always want the same seat in the movies, top row middle!).


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is your Hubby just as hard to shop for?

My DH is so hard to shop for! If he wants something, he buys it. I on the other hand have a LIST of things I want.. Well actually need, most of them are kitchen items. (I am specific about my kitchen items). Gift cards for clothes, spa, music ect. He, however, has no list. The only thing he really wants right now he will end up buying for himself. I told him to let K get if for him for Christmas. He MIGHT wait.

Are your DH's this hard to shop for? What do you usually get him? What are you getting him?

I am thinking I'm going to do something personalized. Family pics a poem or something like that. I am really at a loss. Everyone else in my life I have at least an IDEA of what to get them, but the person I am supposed to know the best and be the closest too.. NADA, NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH! Maybe THAT is the problem I know him too well. I know a new robe, slippers, clothes, ect won't work. I know that me buying him tools or a tool box would be like him buying me makeup. NOT GONA WORK... He did mention wanting a new stand alone tool box. I may go price them and get him a gift card to get it himself.... *sigh*


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday


Ahh Decisions... :(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am thankful for.......

Being able to attend events at K's school and spend time with her and make memories.

Today K preformed on a concert at her school. Not only was I able to attend and be there for her, but I was able to have lunch with her.


POLL: Should I cut my hair?

This is when it was the shortest! It was stacked in the back and longer in the front.
This was me in May 09
This was me in July 09

This is what my hair look like now. The first pic is when I curled it, the second one it when it's straight.

So should I cut it? Leave it like it is? Let it grow out?


Monday, November 16, 2009

back to my thankful posts.

I haven't done my "thankful" posts in a few days. I haven't forgot about them, or about what I am thankful for. I just didn't have time to post much this weekend.

I am thankful my hubby was home when K got off the bus.
I am thankful for the hour I got to sleep today.

Today I went grocery shopping and I was home 15 min after K's bus gets here. It isn't much but I am thankful I didn't have to rush at the store today to get home in time. DH was home from work early so he was here.

I also went back to sleep after I took K to school today for about an hour. It felt GREAT!

"MOM I told you it was tomorrow"

K. was officially embarrassed by me this morning. She was so embarrassed she didn't want to go to school!

Her school sends home a calendar for every month telling of all the events, days they are out ect. I hang it on the refrigerator so I can keep it handy. They have been practicing for the concert they are going to do since school started. The teacher sent home notes and told them many times that they have to wear specific colors, and it has to be dressy. Her calendar said the concert was today. K said her teacher said it was Tuesday. We went over this a FEW times this weekend (it was a long one because of the November Nor'easter). We went back to this trusty calendar over and over. So I convinced her to wear her dress, dress shoes, pretty flower headband that matches the whole 9 years. I send of out of the door... oh mind you, she did ask me to call her teacher because she just wasn't sure it was today and she didn't want to be embarrassed by wearing that to school.

Shortly after she heads out to the bus stop, telling me she will see me at 9:00, she's back. OOPS YEP she was right! Her other little friend that goes to her bus stop and her mom said it was tomorrow.. SORRY BABY GIRL that's NOT what the calendar said. I took another look at the calendar and YES is does very SMALL, since they are also doing a concert at a local book store during the book fair tomorrow night!

I let her change and I took her to school. She seemed fine, but while she was getting her dress off, she was saying how she didn't want to go to school, she it too embarrassed. AWWW I FEEL SO BAD... it's better to be safe than sorry RIGHT?!

on another note, everything is working great and we are able to shower now!!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Showering in the sink

If you have been reading my blogs. We had had a November Nor'easter come through. It is gone now, but we are still having some flooding in the area. If you have never experienced a flood, consider yourself lucky. The sewers gets flooded, therefore there is no where for the water to go when you flush your toilets. We have experienced this for 2 days now. Last night it started over flowing into the bathtubs.. CAN YOU SAY NASTY!!!! It drains but leave the tub nasty and drains very slow. Therefore it's not a good idea to shower. I hate going into my bathrooms right now, because I am used to keeping the CLEAN.. ugg it's driving me crazy!! I want to sterilize in there so bad!

Anyway life goes on! K has a concert at school on Monday. She has to wear a specific color and dress up. We have the dress covered. Her shoes from last winter are however too small. Her feet grow FAST! I have been putting off buying her shoes because I didn't see spending the money when she didn't really need them. NOW I am regretting that decision! I have to shower in the sink, meaning wash my hair in the kitchen sink and clean up *cough, you ladies understand what I mean!* Just so I can take her to buy shoes. We are also swinging by the grocery store to get some crab legs. We are all really wanting those! Since I received my que to get dressed, after I write this I'm going to get ready to go.

Since we are mostly home bound, we decided to make it a lazy Saturday morning. We (me and DH) didn't get out of bed until 9 am... When I got up he made coffee and I made breakfast. We ate and started watching some of our TIVO'd shows while drinking our coffee on the couch in our PJ's. Let me preface this by saying we live on the base. It's about 10 am now, we see someone coming up the walk to our door. OMG we are in our PJ's and I haven't showered since Thursday!! DH runs to the room to get dressed, the door bell rings. I can't just NOT answer... SO I answer in my PJ pants and baggy T-shirt and ugly hair pulled back into a pony tail. Yes, by 10 am MOST people are up and dressed and cleaned up.. Everyone except US.. so I don't blame the Captain from the legal office that decided 10 am wasn't too early to go door to door to assess storm damage. After all we are the Air Force, the U.S. Military has a saying, "We do more by 9 am then most people do ALL day." This is true. Most people are at work by 6 or 7 am. When you are used to being up that early, you don't sleep late on the weekends. 10 am is a reasonable time to ring someone's door bell, it is after all almost LUNCH time!

Now I am off to shower in my kitchen sink and take K to get some shoes. And I'd like to maybe start some Christmas shopping!

I am also currently going through the list and following blogs from the "Follow me Club". I am probably half the way through. This is taking a long time but I will get through it. So if you are following me from there THANK YOU and I want you to know that I am not finished, it's a work in progress.


Friday, November 13, 2009

New Author Challenge 2010

New Author Challenge 2010

Top mommy blogs vote for me :)" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="150" BORDER="0" alt="Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory">

Click on the button and vote for me... let me know you did and I will return the favor. Many of you are already on there and I have voted for you. If you are not on there and want to put your blog on there it's free.

Thank you, have a great weekend.


YAY I have a button... you can go to my page and grab it if you want.

Some of you more experienced bloggers see something I did wrong let me know..

Surprised dog!

I had to share this with you. My dog pictured here named Zoey. She is on the couch in this picture, she is not allowed on the couch, but I spoiled her for a week or two after Hannah my other dog passed away.

Zoey often looks out the big picture window we have in our living room, it faces the street in front of our house. She looks out the window if she hears anything that interests her. She even knows when K is about to get home from school because she looks out the window waiting on her.

Today she was looking out the window, K and I were on the couch watching the food network and looking at the "G rated" things on .. The dog passed gas.. YES she farted! She was looking out the window mind you, meaning she was on her two hind legs. She quickly sat down and looked at her butt as if to say "WHAT WAS THAT?!" K and I laughed sooooo hard.

I just had to share that.


Aloha Friday #1

This is my first Aloha Friday. I can not find the HTML for the button so if anyone can show me where it is I'd be thankful.

Aloha Friday is something some of the blogs I follow do. The idea is to keep the blog's light on Friday and post a question for everyone to answer. I don't know if I have enough followers but I thought I'd try.

Do you make a list of what you want specifically to buy people for Christmas or do you just "wing it"?

I usually make a general list of the stuff I want to get people. Like Dad: a book ect.. and just wing it as I go.. That is very stressful for me and I tend to get more for people than I planned and not enough for others. This year I have started a list. I only have a few of the people I am buying for on there. It's a work in progress!

I am thankful for not loosing my power, my yoga mat and an independent family.

We still have flood waters all around us. However have not ever lost power. So many people have. I am so thankful for that.

My yoga mat.. I can not go to the gym, I can't go running (my drown LOL) but I have my yoga mat and can do yoga. K does it with me too, so that's fun.

And my independent family. We are all doing our own thing so we don't go insaine being stuck in the house 2 days straight. We still gather together for meals, and may watch something together or play a game. The game is more of a me and K thing. DH doesn't really do games.

That is what I am thankful for today.

That and the fact that we didn't get flooded. The water never made it up to our house!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

we are flooding

it's up to our sidewalks it looks like a straight body of water from the bay to our sidewalk

Thanks For the help Penelope

I just want to say Thank You to Penelope at
for helping me re-size the pictures on my blogs. I used some that were just too big and didn't know how to make them smaller. I am new to blogging and really appreciate the help!


thankful day 3

I am thankful for a husband that is wise enough to get full coverage insurance on both vehicles and the house.
I am thankful for a school system that calls and updates you on school closings ect.

We are currently in the middle of a "November Nor'easter" and it's flooding all around us.

We could have slept in today but didn't. Last night the school system called and said school started at normal time, but is closing 2 hrs early. This morning at 5:30 (alarm goes off at 5:50) and said it's closed. I shut off the alarm and tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't. Turned on the TV and watched about the weather. K. got up this morning and ran in our room and said "mamma, it's past 6:00) that's when I get her up. It made her day that she didn't have school!

So today I have 2 things I'm thankful for.


It's TIme out for Theta Mom Thursday. Hoset by

Where we share what we did for US this past week. An hour we took to ourselves.

Mine wasn't really something I did for me, as opposed to what I really loved this week:
twice I had lunch with DH. Yesterday trying a new restaurant that I LOVED.

I hope everyone is able to take time out for themselves this week!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Thankful

I am continuing posting something I am thankful for daily.

I am thankful to have the time to spend with K and DH alone.

I love time with them together and alone time as well. But I really enjoy one-on-one time.

Today was look and learn day at K's school. This is where parents can go to the school from 9-12 and observe their child learn and interact with them. Then eat lunch with them as well. That was really fun. Since K forgot she had PE today, I played cops and robbers with her and her 3rd grade class in high heel knee high boots... I was cute though LOL... no honestly. I couldn't run fast and was tagged a lot and when I was the cop I only tagged like 2 kids.. Those little legs make them fast! HA! At one point a kid fell down in front of me, I simultaneously twisted my ankle and jumped over the kid. I am proud to say I did not fall!!!

Since the school lunch of baked chicken, green beans and pineapple pieces was merely a snack to me. When I got home DH and I decided to try out this new British themed restaurant that just opened here. I got the sheapards pie.. I think it's my new favorite restaurant. I really has a blast looking through the "beer bible" not looking at the different beers, but the word translations. I thought it was funny that if you are making fun of someone it British, you are "taking a piss"... WOW totally means something else here!!! The car horn is called a "hooter" that was cute!

I would also like to say that since today is Veteran's day. I would like to say THANK YOU to all the men and women who served before, with and will server after, me and my DH!

Have a great day


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back and thankful.

Good Morning! I am back and 100%. I hope none of you get the flu/swine flu or anything that bad. I am now fully better and back to my normal mommy/wife self.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up. I am going to post something daily that I am thankful for. I then am going to compile them into a poem for my family for Thanksgiving. A few of my friends from my church, where we used to live are doing this daily post thing on Facebook. I thought it was a good idea. I was already going to write a poem for Thanksgiving. This will actually make it easier :). Feel free to join me and post something daily as well.

~I am thankful for big fat juicy cheeseburgers with DH after going to the gym for 3.5 hours.

Today I am gratefully sore. Not like the body aches from the flu. These aches feel good, they are from working out yesterday. I went to my spin class, sculpt class and yoga class. FULL BODY workout and fun!! Then I went with DH to lunch and had a big fat juicy cheeseburger. YUMM I know those 3.5 hours at the gym out the WINDOW with a few yummy juicy delicious bites. I do NOT regret it ONE LITTLE BIT!!!!

I also wonder if anyone has heard of or uses the website
I saw if on Rachael Ray yesterday. I am just looking for feedback on it. DH is very sceptical.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank you and Welcome

I also want to Welcome my few new followers and say thank you for following me. I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know you all better in the future.


Grocery Fairy

I am happy to report I am have felt well ALL day. The first time in 5 or so days! I also found a new diet plan.. I lost 3 pds since Monday.. it's called THE FLU... I don't suggest this diet plan however.

Since I was feeling well, I made the decision to go grocery shopping. It really really needed done. It has been over 2 weeks since I shopped last. Since I haven't eaten really since Sunday, I don't have much energy. I washed sheets and made my bed yesterday. I had to stop in the middle of it, and rest. Normal activities that I do daily take so much out of me.

I knew walking around the grocery store, loading the car, unloading the car, and carrying everything into the house ( I knew I'd have a lot because we needed so much), and putting everything away would probably just due me in. Especially since I didn't have a thing to eat before I went, and really couldn't eat anything before I left. I just didn't want anything and wasn't hungry at all.

Arming myself with this knowledge, I decided to wait until K got home from school. I figured she could come with me, help me carry them in and put them away. She's 9 never underestimate kids. They can handle way more than we give them credit for at times.

Yes, that's a great Idea I tell myself. K can help me and it won't be so taxing on me. So I go ahead and turn on my tv and start watching the Regis and Kelly I tivo'd. I start thinking about how I mentioned getting groceries Saturday and K acted like it was the end of the world. "I don't want to go grocery shopping" she says. Then I start thinking about how I didn't go Saturday because taking her when she is in that mood is a disaster. Complaining, whining, wanting everything. Wanting to push the buggy, getting side-tracked, dropping my coupons and I don't realize until I get to the register. GRRR.. All of a sudden she has a headache, or her feet hurt. SO we didn't go Saturday. I think, "hmm what if she is in THAT mood today?" I had no choice I absolutely had to get groceries today.

So now my decision is go right then by myself and completely wear myself out to the point of possibly not functioning after. Or wait until K gets home, so I can have some help and HOPE she isn't in the mood she was Saturday.

I went alone.... :)

Happy Weekend Everyone


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday

This is a thing a group of bloggers are doing. Click the button above and it will take you to the Theta Mom blog.

Time out for Theta Mom Thursday, is about how you mad some "ME TIME" this week. The goal is to spend 1 hour each week doing something you and only you want to do.

Since I have had the flu all week, I have had a very LONG week. This past weekend was good I felt fine. Sunday we had mother and daughter day, with breakfast, movie, lunch and shopping. Technically that wasn't alone "me time". On Saturday I did make some time to watch Steven King Horror movies. I really didn't have an hour per-say to do what I wanted to do. I didn't relax in the bathtub, eat chips and soda in front of the tv. I have been in bed with the flu all week. Looking back on it, feeling better and now out of bed. I was pretty nice to be in bed all week. Even though I was sick I have an excuse to sleep as much as I wanted, to NOT do any housework or cooking. However, when you are feeling better that stuff seems overwhelming and apparently it takes a while for your energy to come back.

If I had to pick 1 hour of ME TIME this week, I would pick: horror movie Saturday. That is really the only time this week I did something alone and wasn't sick.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 free paid sick days

I just heard on the news a bit ago .That the CDC is trying to push for a bill to get passed that people who do not usually get paid when they are out sick, will get up to 5 paid sick days for illnesses such as the flu. That is great. I've always had a job that gave me paid sick time. I always felt bad for those who didn't get paid if they were out sick. Many people go to work sick for that reason, therefore get others sick. It could be the local fast food worker or retail worker who is a single parent or struggling to pay bills, and can not afford a day off without pay. They go to work sick and can therefore make US sick as well.

However, this is another area that us stay-at-home mom's get the shaft. Where are MY paid sick days? I'd settle for someone coming in and cleaning my house and making dinner for my family.

I have the flu STILL, although today I did manage to vacuum. That took so much out of me, I was so out of breath from this one little task it just doesn't make sense! I thought it was a good sign that I was hungry for the first time in about 3 days, so I heat up some soup, take 3 bites and am done with it. That's when I decided to vacuum, after that I forced down about 3/4 of the soup I had made because lets face it I NEED the calories and nourishment. Now I feel like I need a nap. I really want to just be better!

Dear Mr/Ms. Flu Virus:
Will you please leave me already? You wore out your welcome within the first few minutes you were here. Yet, 3 days later you are still here. Please be so kind as to leave me now.

thank you,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Has anyone heard of these? You earn swagbucks just for searching on the internet, shopping on the internet and so much more.

You earn swag bucks by just doing what you normally do and you can use them toward gift cards, ipods, books, airline miles ect. It's great for Christmas coming up.

If you get your friends and family to sign up too, as they earn swagbucks so do you.

here is my link if you want to sign up.. this is so not spam and they will not spam you either.

making me feel lazy

So I just saw on "EXTRA" that some of the "Dancing with the Stars" dancers have the flu and they are still preforming! WTW I've been bed ridden with the flu the past 2 days.. NOW THAT just makes me feel LAZY!! Especially since K has pretty much had the run of the house since she didn't have school today, and I really have some house cleaning to do. I also spilled some coffee on the carpet in the office this morning putting mail in there, so that needs shampooed. AND I spilled coffee on my duvet this morning, but that probably needs washed anyway to get my germs off of it. :)

I have felt better today. I actually have been watching so many trailors, and stuff about "New Moon" that I had a dream about Robert Pattinson today...hmm don't remember it though :)

My copy of Twilight is messed up so I am downloading it on Itunes right now.. I 'm going to watch tonight :)

Since those darn dancing people can dance with the flu, I suppose I can clean tomorrow..

ALSO I wish more places delivered food. I had to go to the store today to buy some soup. I wish I could have had some delivered!