Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farm Fresh Trip

So I was only going to get some produce and the great deals on cereal and the oatmeal OOOPS :)

Total OOP: $53.12
Total Saves: $19.20
27% savings

I think I did well even thought I got a few extras.. awesome deals I scored with coupons
Cereal $.65 a box combined store promo and coupons
Tortillas $.19 coupon
Salsa snackers $1 coupon
Oatmeal $1 coupon
skippy peanut butter $1 each (store promo)
Suave body soap $1 each (store promo)
the grapes were $1.48 a pd cheapest in a long time!
cabbage was $.48lb so I need to find a recipe! :)
Fruit cups 2/$5 I had a coupon for $.75 ($1.50 doubled) so I got 2 pkg for $3.50
Dole fruit jar $2.95 (-$1.50 coupon-$.75 doubled) = $1.45
Ball Park Turkey hotdogs $1 after coupon
Celestial Camomile tea $1.79 after coupons (normally $3.79)

I also bought lentils so I need for find a recipe for those as well :)

How did you do?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan 1/24-1/30

Monday:  Hamburger (turkeyburger) Pizza (homemade)

Tuesday: Stuffed Chicken breasts (stuffed with dill cheese and bacon), green beans and either rice or mac and cheese

Wednesday: Pasta with red sauce

Thursday: Pork Chops, twice backed potatoes, veggie (didn't have last week)

Friday: Potato Soup

Saturday (drill weekend for me) so Leftovers

Sunday: (Drill weekend for me) so Sandwiches or leftovers unless hubby cooks :)

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Happy Birthday to my mom-circa 1969/70

50% off Amazon gift card $10 for $20 gift card

AWESOME...  Perfect for gifts or books.. anything.. who doesn't love Amazon and today only 50% off..

click HERE for the deal.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The moments I realize I am rearing an independent child

Talk about mixed feelings!

I love that K will is independent and isn't a "follower", I love that she has her own opinions and ideals.  I love that she already has a plan for her life... Go to college, become a Vet, Open her own veterinary clinic, hire ME to run the business side of it (and answer phone and book appointments).  Marry a veterinarian who will also work at HER vet office, hire at least 2 vet techs, oh and the best part--never mind that mommy and daddy are going to pay for college, and probably help her buy the building she will use for her vet office and help fund the opening and all it involves-- she will give us a "discount".. ha!!  Again.. she is independent and isn't giving out freebies...  However, I beg to differ, the way I see it the investment we will be making will secure us FREE vet care the rest of our lives! ha!

However, having said that.  It breaks my heart that she doesn't need me as much..  I remember when 10 year olds were still kids.  They played with dolls and played cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians.. NOW they all have cell phones and computers.. (my 10 year old doesn't) why can't we just let kids be kids?

All of this because she chose to go to the bus stop "by herself" in the rain, instead of me driving her.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I feel like I'm losing my babygirl already :(

Have a great week all and love the moments your kids WANT to be with you!


Menu Plan Monday (errr Tuesday)

I am a day late I KNOW :)

Monday: We had leftover pasta, fresh dill bread and salad

Tuesday: Crockpot chicken leg quarters (I put in some red potatoes, apples, rosemary, tyme, salt and pepper and a can of cream of chicken)

Wednesday: leftover crockpot chicken

Thursday: I'll make pizza dough and make extra and make chicken pot pie out of any leftovers

Friday: Pizza (using the pizza dough from the day before and homemade pizza sauce and fresh mozzerella)

Saturday: Pork Chops, twice baked potatoes and veggie or salad

Sunday: leftovers if any, if not probably potato soup

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'll admit I was a skeptic....

*this is a personal post I am not reviewing a product*

I'll admit I was a skeptic when I bought 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  I am not a fan of her, nor do I watch the show Biggest Loser.  I have heard it was a good workout and it was on sale so I bought it.

I want to tone up more than lose weight so I was looking for something that incorporated strength training and cardio because I love to sweat I feel like I've really worked out when I sweating :)

I am on day 9 and I am on level 2 and it is STILL kicking my butt... usually your body will get used to doing the same thing everyday.  I am still sore in the mornings in some spots (apparently the ones I need to work!)  I was only on level 1 for 4 days only because i am already-well I thought-in pretty good shape.

I have come to the conclusion that Jillian Michaels is a pretty good trainer, at least she kicks my butt for 20 min a day!  However I am still skeptical that I will be "shredded" or "cut" after the 30 days.  as you see in this picture (I took it this morning before I shredded)  My arms still need ALOT of work!!!

I took it with my cell so it's not the nicest picture.

Are you doing the 30 day shred as well?  Comment me with your link and follow me on Twitter and we can do this journey together!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesome Farm Fresh deals via BLOOM ad

I know I have been so bad at blogging lately but I just have to share this!

I received my BLOOM ad in the mail today.  And if I am correct in assuming Farm Fresh matches competitors ads Here is a deal for you!

Totito's Party Pizza's 4/$5 and get one FREE (so 5/$5)
use $1 off of 5 HERE
Final 5/$3 at Farm Fresh or 5/$4 at Bloom (assuming you go to Farm Fresh Wednesday for double $1)


Yoplait Yogurt 20/$10 (basically $.50 each)
Use $.40 off 6 HERE
Final $.33 each

I also found a $1 off Hillshire Farms Lunch meat HERE
I believe these run around $3 each so at Farm Fresh tomorrow they will be $1 each!!

Also REDPLUM has coupons for Quaker oatmeal ($1 off) and Hefty trash bags ($1 off) however it wouldn't let me print the trash bags and only let me print one oatmeal :(

if you find any good coupons let me know.

Have a great 1.11.11 (my anniversary!!)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I have been MIA on my blog for a couple weeks.  I took some time off to focus on the holidays.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year!

We definitely enjoyed our Christmas and New Year at home.

Now that everything is back to "normal" it's time to look forward.

2011 is going to hold soo much for us.
For starters, hubby is going on a deployment-- I am not looking forward to that.  I know it's going to be stressful and most likely K's grades are going to drop and she will become MORE strong willed, it's how she reacts to the stress.  At least I know these things and I can try to HELP the situation.

On  a better note.  Our anniversary is 1-11-11 I love it when the numbers work out!  I really want to make this one special.  I am trying to think of romantic stuff to do on a budget.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

I also turn 33 on 3-12

K will be 11 this year.. and we all know what THAT age brings...  I try talking to her about the stuff that she will be going through soon, but it embarrasses her.  I can tell she is curious but at the same time embarrassed.

I am also signing up for Muddy Buddy this year.  It's a race you do with a friend.  You do obstacles together, one on foot one on a bike and you switch throughout the course.  And in the end you run through a mud pit together.  HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND!!! I am so excited about that.

I also plan on signing up for some 5 and 10k's when the weather is a bit better.

I also want to take K on a cruise.  She has been wanting to go.  Maybe that is something she and I can do while hubby is deployed.  Maybe we will go with family :)

Although I know 2011 will be a challenging year, I plan to make the best out of it.

Happy 2011!!!!