Monday, February 22, 2010

We had a girl weekend

Happy Monday! I know, I know, I said I'd blog more.. I really haven't had anything to say and I don't want to just post a random rambling blog.

Since Hubby is still gone for work. I can't wait for him to come home this week YAY!

K and I decided to have a girl weekend. Friday night we rented movies her-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (cute!) and Me- Julie and Julia. We made pizza's on tortillas and popped popcorn and had some mini chocolate chip cookies. That was dinner during the movie YUMMM...

Saturday we went shopping:
Target, all we ended up buying is a hot chocolate for her (kid size less that $2) and I got a free tall coffee because I brought my coffee bag in (yes we do buy and drink Starbucks even at home!)

Toys R Us- K had a gift card with just over $10 on it. She got 2 horse figurines and we both decided on a new board game for family game night. Sorry Sliders-FUN. K has a lot of games but they are for younger kids so we are going to start incorporating "older" games in and getting rid of the old ones, like Candy Land. :)

Then we wanted to grab some lunch so we went to our favorite place to go together-Panera Bread.

I was going to go grocery shopping after lunch but after eating I didn't feel like going grocery shopping LOL (I went today after the gym)

We came home and played her new game and we also had a "dog show" and "horse show". I judged and she trotted them around and did tricks with them. She was having so much fun in-fact that when her friends came over to ask her to come out and play (ride bikes) she didn't want to go play!

Church, we both decided to give up something for Lent. Me: Chocolate and K: being bad and not listening.

The weather was so nice we decided to go run (she rode her bike) on the track. I normally do 5 miles, but she wanted to do 6. We did 6, but after 3 she was complaining that she was tired, her butt hurt ect. She pushed through and we finished (not like we had a choice lol) I could have kept running, the weather was perfect!
We played Sorry Sliders again and she watched her rented movie again for like the 4th or 5th time. I decided to buy it for her today, when I returned the movies. I haven't got her anything for her honor roll report card, so I decided the movie would be for that. When hubby gets home, we are going to go do something, museum or something.

Today it was back to normal! I must have pushed my workout too hard today. My legs were noodles by about half way through sculpt class, I still had to do yoga.. Spin takes a lot out of me and I pushed it today and then when we worked legs in sculpt, I guess they decided they had enough. If you haven't been to yoga before. DO IT. Most people think it's just stretching. I am the person that can do cardio sessions hours long. But it is hard for me to hold and balance a pose for 30 or so seconds. Good Stuff.

K's bus just passed she will be walking in the door any minute now. Snack and homework time.

Hope everyone has a good week.