Wednesday, May 26, 2010

there is always a reason.. isn't there?!

Isn't it true?  Can't we always justify a purchase?  I feel so bad when I spend money on myself, but when all the "stars line up" and things are too good to pass then I do splurge on me.

Yesterday I received the Victoria Secret "semi-annual sale" catalog in the mail.  Lately I've been throwing them out because we have one income and I can no longer afford VS.  WELL I do NEED bra's and like my friend says "once you go VS you don't go back" so true.. I bought Target bra's and may as well threw the money out the window, they don't fit right so I've been wearing sports bras (yes I'm uniboob) for comfort.  My other bras are too big (since my losing over 20pds).

I figured I'd get 2 bra's (on sale for $13 ea) and while I was at it, the swim wear was on sale and I LOVE this cover up.  SOOO  I got the swim suit style above, I got the leopard print on my bottoms (the top in my size was sold out) and a blue top.  And I got the above cover up in this blue LOVE IT...

So back to what I was saying there is always a way to justify a purchase.  My excuse/reason: It's on sale! and I've lost over 20pds I DESERVE a new swim suit!!!!!!!  besides the swim suit was $14 for the whole thing!  Can't beat that!!!!!

Have a good Wednesday.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Active Duty Military and families FREE admission to over 600 places this summer

If you are active duty or a family member this is worth checking out.  I am so excited about this!

go to the link above and click on your state or a state you plan on visiting this summer..

What do you do for car sickness?

Do you or someone in your family get motion sickness?  What do you do?  How do you prevent it?

K gets car sick all the time.  I buy dramamine for when we go on long car trips, that helps her.  However, since she has always slept on long car trips I did not put 2and2 together and realize it makes her extremely sleepy.  She asked for some Saturday since we would be driving for about 2 hours.  She slept practically all day.

I am asking advice on how to handle her motion sickness unmedicated!

A friend of mine recommended the Sea-Band, I looked it up, it's not a company here in the US and sent me to a 3rd party pay site so I didn't feel comfortable ordering them online.  Does anyone know where I can get something like the Sea-Band in the US?

If you don't know what Sea-Band is the link is

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm so blessed.

Sometimes day-to-day gets in the way and we take things for granted.

I am so blessed to have a happy healthy child, a great husband who is there for us and takes care of us, a family full of love.............  I could go on and on.

Sometimes you get a wake up call and realize how blessed you are..............  today it was watching My Sisters Keeper for me...

I thank God everyday for my family........  I just sometimes don't feel I do enough.

Have a blessed day :)


Good Morning.  Happy Monday, I hope everyone slept well last night.  As for me I didn't go to bed until 1am.  I had to process what happened on LOST.  LOL


If you did watch.  What do YOU think?   I am still in awwe...

So they have been dead this whole time?  They have been waiting for Jack to "be ready", to accept his death so they can move on? (Moving on in my opinion is Heaven, but that is my Faith).  Not everyone was there to "Move on"  what does that mean, they are going somewhere else? They already moved on?--- So many questions came up and yet answered themselves.  The writers left it up to us to interoperate.  I like that.  Have you ever watched something or read a book you were so into and then it ended and you were either not happy or unsatisfied with the ending?

LOST, however, did not disappoint me.  It began with Jack and ended with Jack.  Therefore, I believe it was Jack's journey and everyone was in purgatory until he came to terms with being dead.  In my mind their spirits were "LOST" on the island (they died on initial impact) and they had a chance to redeem themselves (they were not the "best" of people at the time of the crash). As they one by one redeemed themselves and accepted they were dead, they 'knew' and were 'ready' to move on.  We saw this happen one by one.  The underlying message was to "let go", that meant (in my opinion) to let go of life/living and accept you are dead and move on.  In the end when they were back in the States they were in purgatory and had a meeting point to "move on" once Jack was ready.

Well now the epic that we have known as LOST for so many years is now over.  I will miss it.  :)

*I'm sure this goes without saying, this is my opinion, I was in no way approached by ABC or Disney to review this show, I am only a fan.*

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  :)


Friday, May 21, 2010

Ideas NEEDED: DH's 40th b-day..

OK.. I know this is LAST minute.

I want to do something fun and cute for DH's 40th birthday.

Any fun idea's.

FYI it's tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm paying her, so why do I feel guilty?

Does anyone else feel guilty when you give you child(ren) an allowance to do specific chores, and you do nothing while they are doing said chores?

I don't do NOTHING, I may be checking email or reading or folding laundry or even making dinner (I don't feel bad if I'm making dinner).

I have never been the kind of person that could sit around and watch someone clean.   If someone is cleaning I feel this NEED to jump in.

This is exactly why I am saving bathrooms, and sweeping for when K gets home to dust and vacuum.  I want to just do all of it now and get it over with. BUT she is getting an allowance so I am not doing her chores for her, except for the occasional load of dishes I'll put away during the day while she is at school.  I am NOT going to let dishes sit in my sink while there are clean ones in the dishwasher that can be put away to make room for the dirty ones... lol

Am I the only one that actually saves housework for when their kids get home so they are not doing their chores while I'm doing something other than cooking or cleaning?


Double $1 coupons at Farm Fresh day...

Now I'm off to catch a bit of Wife Swap before K gets home.  That is my guilty pleasure.  lol


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's not a Monday. Are you sure?

This has been one of those mornings.  You know the ones, the mornings where you wish you could start over.

More often than not these happen on Monday's, do they not?  Mine is happening on a Tuesday.  TODAY!

This morning started off like any normal morning.  6:00 comes, alarm goes off time to get up, although this morning it was raining and I didn't want to get up.  BUT I have a 9 year old to get off to school.

*insert normal morning routine*

Time to head off to the bus stop.  I take my car keys ONLY car keys to get the umbrella out of the car, as well as take the recycling out to the can *multi-tasking*.  K comes out right behind me to go to the bus stop.  Apparently she swung the door open or the dog jumped on it after we walked out (she usually comes with us, but today it was rainy).  When I get home from the bus stop, I am LOCKED OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE.  Of course this happens when hubby is gone for work, hence no back up keys since mine are locked INSIDE the house!

Since we live on base I could have gone to the neighbors and called housing, or gone to housing (I did have my car keys but no ID's) and had the maintenance guy let me in.  I didn't want to wait..  I remembered the kitchen window being unlocked.  I think YES.. I can crawl through there.  I pop the screen out (harder than it sounds but I didn't break anything!) and crawl through the top of the window...  YES I'm IN!!!!  I had to beak into MY OWN house!!!  I did pop the screen back on MUCH easier than taking the stupid thing off.

I texted hubby and told him about it..  of course he joked at me and said most people take their keys when they leave the house!

I am soo glad that kitchen window was unlocked!

I hope everyone else is having a better morning than I have had.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Farm Fresh Triple coupon-my savings!

This is the first time, I've done a triple coupon type of shopping.  I am SOLD!  I am trying this new challenge to myself to only spend $30 a week on groceries.  This will require some time spent researching coupons, best deals ect.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow are triple coupon days at Farm Fresh.  Here is what I got...

Total before coupons         $22.68
coupon total                       $14.94 (66% savings!)
total after tax (what I paid)  $8.15

*I did buy those 2 reusable bags for $.69 each I didn't have a coupon for those, but that is the cheapest I've seen them anywhere and I'm trying to build up our stock of them so we can eventually always only use the reusable bags.



Monday Madness

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a good weekend!

My hubby left again today for work, he will be home Friday. It's going to be rainy/stormy today. I think I'm just going to stay in the house and relax today. My stomach is kind of sick, I won't go into the nasty details but I had soup for breakfast and don't think that's gonna stay inside my body!! Guess I'm on the BRAT diet today..

As far as my weight loss goes, I am down to around 117 pounds!! WHOO HOO.. I'm sure after I'm not sick anymore I'll be less but that will go back up, I just need to keep myself from eating EVERYTHING in sight!!! lol.. My goal is 115.. BUT the obsessive mentality I have, makes me think I need to try for 110.. or 105... hmm not sure.. That's is a work "thought" in progress.. I'll get back to that later.

I am pretty excited that Farm Fresh has triple coupon days for today and tomorrow. I may go today (If I feel up to it) and then again tomorrow if I have more coupons I want to use. Don't you just love triple coupon days?!?!?!?!

In the mean time.... I'm going to relax and eat my banana's, rice, applesauce and toast. WELL I guess I need to buy applesauce I'm sure I have a coupon for that! lol

Have a good Monday..


Friday, May 14, 2010

I have miss you guys.

I'M BACK!!! I hope!!!

I've been working my reserve job and am now finished with that. While the money is great, I miss so much from being able to stay home.

*Cleaning while no one is home to mess it up or complain about anything

*Relaxing with a cup of coffee and GMA in the morning. Although I'm not a fan of how "formal" it looks now that George Stephanapolis is there... a morning show should be casual, don't make me switch to the TODAY show! lol

*reading- online newspapers, blogs, books, magazines ect

*Being there for K when she gets home, so I can make sure she understands her homework and talk about her day over after school snack.

*Staying in my PJ's until noon if I want too!!

*working out.. I haven't done anything if a few weeks (because of my back-which is much better now). But I was lucky to get 2-3 days in before.

I am so glad to have my life back to normal.. I can deal with working one weekend a month if I HAVE too.

I figure if it's God's will for me to stay home, then that's what will happen. If it's not then I'll get a job (I have applied for a few). Right now we are all comfortable where we are, we don't need a HUGE house and lavish vacations.

I have missed reading all of your blogs so much. I hope to be able to catch up :) If anything exciting or new happened with you recently drop me a link and I'll swing over to your blog.

HAPPY FRIDAY.. have a good weekend..