Thursday, July 22, 2010

how do you handle stress?

I have been so stressed this week.. I do not know what my deal is!!

I feel I need to be the perfect SAHM/Housewife.  Since it's summer the house seems to never stay clean.

I have always worked and I think it's so much less stressful when I do work.  Then all of the house stuff doesn't just fall on me.

Do you feel you have to be the prefect housewife?  That your house has to be in perfect order?  If you are "caught" taking a break (IE laying in bed with coffee watching morning news when hubby comes home to get something he forgot, while you kid(s) still in PJ's playing playstation)  That happened to me this morning.  SO NOW I feel all the things I have planned for today that WILL get done, will not be seen in hubby's eye (as if the daily stuff I do ever is--thinking of the mom's that go on strike).

I really need a vacation because a day off doesn't exist.  I have tried to do days off before but I"ve always got to cook or clean something!


I am so glad I have this to vent too!!! thanks for listening/reading :)



  1. It sounds to me that you might need to talk to hubs and just ask him what his expectations of you are, so that you're not assuming things and putting thoughts in his head (like one would put words in someone's mouth) that aren't there.

    I know that my hubs hates to come home to a disaster, so at around 4:30 every day, no matter what has gone on in the day, the kids and I do a blitz of the house, we straighten everything up, put everything away. That way, even if we've been in our PJ's all day, when daddy gets home, he's not greeted w/ our lazy day :)

    ALL of the housework falls on me, and I actually have to fight for him to not "let me take care of other things", not that he is horrible at all, he just doesn't think about things the way I do, he knows I'm self sufficient and that if something doesn't get done, I'm going to do it anyway. So I've stopped doing that and started saying "No. I have enough responsibility in this house, YOU can take care of that." and it works pretty well. Again, he doesn't just expect me to do EVERYTHING, and when I ask for help, he is more than willing to oblige. He's just gotten used to me doing everything. So I'm making things a li'l more difficult for him. ha ha :)

  2. See that's the thing. I've always worked and we've always shared the household responsibilities. Now that I am not working I feel he thinks everyday is a day off for me.. Of course I would not let him come home to a mess.. I think I'm just needing validation.. LOL maybe it's just one of those days! I mean the floors don't scrub themselves and the dinner fairy doesn't just magically appear with dinner on the table!

    lol i'm just having a day.. I'll be better tomorrow... and now I'm off to clean and make lunch for K.

  3. I think the problem is SAHM's don't really get a day off! My hubby knows I work harder then he does (b/c I tell him ALL the time) lol
    I try and tackle one little project a day, and just take pride in the little things. At the end of the day if your kids are happy that really is all that matters! Let go of the guilt my friend:)

  4. Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.