Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SAHM when do you take a "day off"

Some may think that SAHM's get EVERY DAY OFF... ummm NO we don't get ANY days off.  We always have to clean up after someone, cook something and make sure everyone is where they need to be when and where they need to be there.  If you have more than one kid you are a referee as well!  7 days a week!

I was lucky enough to have my hubby slow roast a chicken last night and we had leftover potato salad from our holiday BBQ.  SO I didn't really have to cook dinner but I still had to clean the kitchen after!

When do you take a day off and what do you do?

I can't take a FULL day off, but today K is at day camp (Long day they are on a field trip today!) hubby is back at work.  I did my housecleaning top to bottom yesterday!  So today is my "day off"

Here is my agenda:
read (did that will probably do more in a bit)
clean up my computer, free some memory-DONE!
clean up my inbox-DONE!
absolutely nothing but veg out in front of the TV for a bit-Still working on this one LOL

I do have to get some produce, and razors at the grocery store, take some stuff back to the library and check more out, and check on the neighbors cats, bring in their mail and water their plants.  All of which I will do after I pick up K. She loves playing with the cats while I change the water, check on food, ect...

What do YOU do on your "day off"?



  1. I just had this converstaion with my 7-year-old this morning. He asked me, why I didn't work. I said, "Oh, Momma works, I'm a cook, a maid, a therapist, a chauffer and a teacher. And that's only to name a few." I told him that I didn't even get paid to do all of it. He told me that he thinks, him and sibling should start paying me!!! But the benefits from this job are much better than any other job I've ever had ;). But a day off would be nice!!

  2. It seems like I never get a day off! But on Mothers Day this year I had 4 hours to myself and I took the dog for a long walk and I laid in the sun. Ah...it was nice!

  3. SEe, even your day off isn't your DAY OFF!

    A friend of mine, for her birthday was given a GC to the mall, a nights stay in a hotel and a massage treatment the next day at the spa. ALL OF IT BY HERSELF!

    I seriously could cry I want that so bad.

    There's a scene in "Date Night" where the wife admits that her fantasies are not about "being" with other people, but in BEING ALONE, in a hotel room, with NO agenda.

    Seriously. Tears.

  4. (ok, I didn't actually cry, but I could.)

  5. Oh man what I would do for a day off...If I did get one though, I would literally just sleep...all day : )