Monday, August 2, 2010

C'mon admit it, you've done it as Ok maybe just me.

Setting the scene.

It's 9pm on Saturday night.  K and I just finished watching Rescue Highway on Animal Planet.  It's her bed time. I put her to bed and go to bed myself.  Hubs is in there watching a movie, I know I've seen.  I see Mel Gibson and a corn field IMMEDIATELY in my head I'm saying "Field of Dreams".  I go brush my teeth, wash my face ect.  Come to bed and stare watching "Field of Dreams" with hubby..

This is me for at LEAST an hour--saying to myself..

"Huh I don't remember their being Aliens in this movie"
"I really don't remember this movie being 'scary'"
"Wow it must have been FOREVER since I've seen this movie because I'm not remembering this"
"Where is the field, and his dad as a baseball player, they aren't even going outside, they are hiding in a basement"
SERIOUSLY this goes on for an HOUR at least.. Then Mel Gibson's character turns to his brother in the movie and says something about stuff being "SIGNS"  OH MY GOODNESS I am such an idiot.. This movie is "SIGNS".....

HA! Hubby then realizing I realized what movie I was watching and laughed at me.. YES he did let me believe for an hour I was watching the wrong movie...

Have a great Monday...



  1. That's hysterical... never happened to me though! Although... what movie was it... My hubs was watching a movie recently and I was like, "This is NOT that movie! Is it a sequel? I don't remember this part. WHAT?" I can't remember what movie it WAS, but I didn't think it was a different movie, just thought it wasn't the one he said it was.

    Did that make any sense?

  2. yeah It makes sense. Lol. I've done the sequel before on back to the future and couldn't figure out what one it was lol. But thinking I'm watching something else takes the cake. Wow. Lol

  3. Oh it was Signs we were watching. Lol