Monday, June 28, 2010

Should SAHM's send their kids to camp?

What do you think?  Should a SAHM send their kids to summer day camp?

I felt bad this morning dropping K off.  Partly because she was crying this morning and didn't want to go.  She wanted to stay home with me.  It was just nerves because she wouldn't know anyone.  And partly because I don't work and I'm sending her off to daycare  camp.  It makes me feel like a bad mom, like I'm wanting to get rid of my kid.  I'm not HONESTLY!

I know she will have more fun playing games and taking field trip with the camp (it's only 5 weeks mon-thurs) than she will here with me.  I would put her to work cleaning and organizing and sorting out stuff.  We are buying a house and will be moving SOON and I hate packing!  SO I am going through everything (one room a day) and throwing out stuff, the more we throw out the less we have to pack.  :)

That makes me feel a bit LESS of a bad mom knowing here she would be working or watching TV or playing video games.  I am so busy getting ready to start packing that we won't be going many places.  I am setting aside Fridays for Fun days!  She doesn't have camp on Friday's so that is the day we will go swimming or to the beach or aquarium or simply out to lunch or a movie :)

So what is your take?  Should SAHM send their kids off to day camp?


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  1. I never did day camp, but I worked at a summer camp for 7 years, the kids only stayed for a week, and their weeks were jammed full of amazingness. I can't WAIT till my kids are old enough to go to camp b/c of how much fun it is, and how much they learn and grow there. Seriously, camp is AWE-SOME.