Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gardening on a budget and practically FREE

Gardening can be expensive, however, if you are willing to be patient you can save a LOT of money by joining a local Plant Swap/Exchange.  These are groups of people that get together at least once a year and bring what they have to swap ( say you grow Basil and you have a LOT of it and maybe some extra bulbs leftover) You can in turn take home for FREE some flowers/plants of your choosing for your yard or house.  Some also support local Charities and if you bring some items for the charity you still get to choose items you want even if you have nothing to bring to exchange!

If you keep up with the message boards on some of the sites you may find,you may even find that some people are just giving away some items and wanting/asking nothing in return.  Plant and flower lovers would rather give away ones they can not use as opposed to throwing them out and letting them die!!

I found a local flower swap/exchange message board through a google search.  Just search Plant Swap (an your area).

ALSO If you live in my area-Southeast Virginia- and would like to participate in a plant swap with me leave me a comment and your email and I'll contact you!

*note* I have even seen people giving away plants/flowers on craigslist.  However, please be cautious using websites like this..

Have patience and grow your garden over time for FREE or almost FREE!



  1. Great tips.. We used a local website to give our shrubs new homes.

  2. I wish someone would teach me how to garden.