Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BLOOM- Super Doubles

I am a couponer, but I am NOT an extreme couponer and I do NOT buy things I don't use with coupons just because they are FREE or CHEAP.

I am happy with my recent haul at BLOOM today.  Here is what I got:

 Whole Bean DD coffee $8.99-$3.00 ($1.50 coupon doubled x2) =$5.99  still pricey but I LOVE this and you can't find it that cheap anywhere!

Wacky Mac x2 $1.59 ea $1/2 doubled to $2 = $.59 ea

Northern White Beans (no coupon but I need them for minestrone soup and beans and cornbread-I have a hambone I need to use) $1.32

Banana's $.55 lb $1.52

Green Pepper $.79

Yoplait greek yogurt cups x4 $1 ea $.60/2 (doubled to $1.20/2) $.40 ea did I mention GREEK!!!

Lysol Toilet cleaner x4 $1.50 each $1/2 ($2/2) = $.50 ea roughly

FINISH powerball dishwashing stuff $.3.99  $.75/1 (doubled $1.50/1) =$2.49 a bit pricy but cheaper than any other and I NEEDED it.  I ran out last night

WOOLITE 50oz HE detergent  $8.39 used $3/1 = $5.39 pricey but it's WOOLITE!

Greased Lightning multipurpose spray x2  2/$5.00 on sale.  Used $1/1 ($2/1)= $.50 each

Reach Floss $1.49 used $1/1 ($2/1) Looks like I made $.51 on this one.  They usually don't give overages but I guess they just rolled it over.  

Total before Breeze Card and coupons: $63.05
Total OOP:                                             $28.21
Total Saved!                                            $34.84

How did you do???  Post a link and I'll check it out :)

Happy Shopping

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