Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I saved/made this weekend

Have you ever thought about how much money you are saving your family by doing things yourself?

This crossed my mind today and I like to think of it as money I made my family.  I think of it that way because I would do these things regardless and by doing them myself, therefore, I made money :)  The way I see it, the more money I save my family, the more money we have to do FUN things.

This is me putting a price on my time for this weekend.

Highlights: $85 at LEAST for just foil highlights and a wash.
What I paid: $0 I used the stuff I have, I buy at Sally's and it lasts me a LONG time

Pedi/Mani: $30 is the least I have seen this combo for and that's on Groupon and Social Living
What I paid: $0 I have everything I need including the razor thing for the dead skin on my heels!

Rented a Movie from RedBox: $1
What I paid: $0- I had a free code

Watched 2 new movies we have not seen before  $2 at least to rent from Redbox
What I paid $0- got them from the library

bought a New vase with seashell filler decoration for my living room: $53 at least for the "model" I loved at Pottery Barn
What I paid $2 -$1 for each the vase and filler from Dollar Tree

Birthday Card, Hats, party favors, and cookie mix and tin to finish off hubbies birthday care package: $10 roughly
What I paid: $5 -dollar tree and outlet store

Mcdonald's Frozen Strawberry lemonade for K: $2 roughly
What I paid $0- coupon from today's paper

Not to mention cooking all meals all weekend and the Uncle Ben's rice I got FREE.  $2.30 value.. (my coupon was expiring)

Total I would have paid: roughly $185
What I actually spent this weekend: just under $16
what I saved/made this weekend: $169

So how much did YOU make this weekend?  Our time is Money ladies.

Oh and later this week I will be waxing myself.. I don't see paying all that money for stuff I can do myself :)

Have a great Week..


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