Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Which Kitchen Appliance can you NOT live without?

Which Kitchen appliance can you NOT live without?  Toaster, Blender, Food processor...........

For me aside from my coffee maker, which is a given!  It's my bread maker...  I make bread a couple times a week.. I make Italian Bread, whole wheat bread, pizza dough REGULARLY, french bread,, rosemary bread etc.  I've made dough for garlic knots, cinnamon rolls, and soft pretzels.  I love this thing.  I use my home made bread to make panini's, sandwiches, toast for bruschetta and garlic bread.  It's all natural no preservatives and I know what goes in it.

Happy Tuesday...



  1. I used to have a bread maker but it started making funky not-so-cooked bread so I got rid of it. Can't say that I miss it that much either. it sat in a closet for about 2 years before I passed it on!:P

    I guess my pick would be the food processor, though I don't use it daily, I use it whenever I need to grate cheese (i hate grating cheese by hand). and the other thing isn't an appliance, it's a food chopper from Pampered chef. I use that a couple times a week for onions and garlic. Love it!

  2. I didn't know bread makers were capable of such things! I try to stay away from a lot of bread so have always avoided this appliance. I have to say I'd be lost without my George Forman - although I would prefer one with removable plates (I hear they are better for cleaning).

  3. I just got a chopper yesterday!! I cut my fingers too much!! haha..

    Jody, my bread maker rocks... I too want one of the george formans with removable pans for cleaning!! I even make panini's in my George Forman!