Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Keeping up with the Jones'"

Do you feel like you need to buy the best/newest electronics, car, or gadgets for your kids for Christmas?
Why do we have to get Suzie an IPOD touch just because Cindy and Jim are getting Bobby one?
How much do you really think you 7 year old will NEED a cell phone?  Yet you feel obligated to get him one because his cousins, or friends are getting one.

I say NO.. Just say NO!!!  My child doesn't need a TV in her room, or a cell phone (how often is she not with ME that she would need one?-never), she doesn't listen to music enough to actually have an IPOD let alone a touch, after all she would just play games and there are cheaper ways for her to play those games like on MY Touch, and she does not need a computer.  SO I say NO, I am NOT wasting money on those things just because "The Jones'" are getting them for their children.

Chances are your kids can not tell you what they got for Christmas last year anyway.

So this year I chose to LISTEN to her.  Ask her what she wants and only buy that stuff (she did ask for the electronics and phone, but we spoke to her and told her not yet she it too young).

Sometimes you can get caught up in Sibling rivalry, you feel you have to get Jimmy something because you got Andy that thing.  But Andy is older and Jimmy really doesn't need it but to stop fights you do it anyway.

Why oh Why is this time of year so commercialized?

Can't we just sit back, be still and quiet and remember the reason for the season?  JESUS

When my grandparents we kids they got fruit and maybe a piece of candy, and maybe ONE gift. and they cherished and appreciated it!
When my parents were kids they got a few toys, fruit and candy and they very much appreciated what they got
When I was a kid we got more presents than candy or fruit, we appreciated maybe a couple things we got.
Now our kids are getting the entire electronics section of Target  and they EXPECT it!

This year I chose NOT to "Keep up with the Jones'" and focus more on Family and Jesus!

How about you?
How do you feel about "the Jones'" :)

Have a great Week

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  1. Those stupid Joneses! ;)

    It's really not an issue here b/c we don't have any money! Hahaha. But the struggle has been with keeping up with the family. I've blogged about this, not sure if you saw it or not.... it's called "I'm the Gift" from last week.

    We got our kids stuff this year that they WILL appreciate, things that they love. Salem is getting a solar system to hang in his room w/ glow in the dark stars and everything, that's something he can look at every night. he's also getting a movie that he will watch endlessly, and a movie poster for his room. Josiah is getting a movie and a poster too, and then they're both getting shoes, and books. And that's it. I don't even know what elseI would get them... besides luggage, they both need kiddy suitcases but they're too expensive!