Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farm Fresh Trip

So I was only going to get some produce and the great deals on cereal and the oatmeal OOOPS :)

Total OOP: $53.12
Total Saves: $19.20
27% savings

I think I did well even thought I got a few extras.. awesome deals I scored with coupons
Cereal $.65 a box combined store promo and coupons
Tortillas $.19 coupon
Salsa snackers $1 coupon
Oatmeal $1 coupon
skippy peanut butter $1 each (store promo)
Suave body soap $1 each (store promo)
the grapes were $1.48 a pd cheapest in a long time!
cabbage was $.48lb so I need to find a recipe! :)
Fruit cups 2/$5 I had a coupon for $.75 ($1.50 doubled) so I got 2 pkg for $3.50
Dole fruit jar $2.95 (-$1.50 coupon-$.75 doubled) = $1.45
Ball Park Turkey hotdogs $1 after coupon
Celestial Camomile tea $1.79 after coupons (normally $3.79)

I also bought lentils so I need for find a recipe for those as well :)

How did you do?


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