Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The moments I realize I am rearing an independent child

Talk about mixed feelings!

I love that K will is independent and isn't a "follower", I love that she has her own opinions and ideals.  I love that she already has a plan for her life... Go to college, become a Vet, Open her own veterinary clinic, hire ME to run the business side of it (and answer phone and book appointments).  Marry a veterinarian who will also work at HER vet office, hire at least 2 vet techs, oh and the best part--never mind that mommy and daddy are going to pay for college, and probably help her buy the building she will use for her vet office and help fund the opening and all it involves-- she will give us a "discount".. ha!!  Again.. she is independent and isn't giving out freebies...  However, I beg to differ, the way I see it the investment we will be making will secure us FREE vet care the rest of our lives! ha!

However, having said that.  It breaks my heart that she doesn't need me as much..  I remember when 10 year olds were still kids.  They played with dolls and played cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians.. NOW they all have cell phones and computers.. (my 10 year old doesn't) why can't we just let kids be kids?

All of this because she chose to go to the bus stop "by herself" in the rain, instead of me driving her.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I feel like I'm losing my babygirl already :(

Have a great week all and love the moments your kids WANT to be with you!



  1. It happens bit by bit and in little tiny doses so that we can adjust to it. But it's still not fun!

  2. Oh I agree, they do grow up so fast. I'm sure it is faster then we did. I must have been plahying with baribes at ten! Now my 9 year old is showing me how to buy an app on her ipod and 12 year old is teachng me how to install a new computer program. BUT there are moments...when they still want to cuddle on the couch, hold your hand in the mall, want yuor opinion about school or clothes. I'm trying to enjoy every single one!