Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Break Came 2 days early this year

We got a ton of snow yesterday and school was closed.  K was genuinely upset, as she was to have "Colonial Days" at school.  They were going to spend all afternoon having snacks and hot chocolate and learning about kids and how they played and learned in the Colonial days.

However, around 11:30 while we were still laying in bed in PJ's watching the 6th Harry Potter movie (I KNOW LAZY LOL) the doorbell rang and it was a classmate of K's.  There went my time with my little girl yesterday :(  she and her friend played outside all day, only coming in for a bit to warm up and have hot chocolate or snacks.

I did realize however, that I really need to cherish the time I spend with her because I really missed her yesterday and was super happy when she came back home (after playing at her classmates house for a few hours).

We had a feeling today was going to get cancelled as well, after all, snow on the ground/roads+freezing temps overnight=ICE on the roads.  We kept checking online and the phone last night hoping we would hear before we went to sleep so we can turn off alarms and SLEEP IN!  No such luck.  This morning at 6 am the phone rings.. OY...

I hope everyone has a great Christmas Break!



  1. I wish it would snow here in Oregon. I love the pictures :)
    Stay warm!

  2. I hope you enjoy your break too. I have a feeling you will!

  3. Oh I feel the same way about my girls when their friends come knocking. I adore that they have friends who want to play...but I don't want to share! Hope you have a great Christmas break.