Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are you organized? I need tips....

Are you someone who is organized?

I am not very organized. I'm organizationally challenged if-you-will. My house isn't a mess and I'm not a hoarder, well I do have those too small for me jeans that I can't bring myself to throw away because I just know I will fit into them again. Don't we all have those? I have all my Christmas decorations, pictures, books ect in tubs or boxes in the Garage. I have downsized a lot in the move. The hubs and I went from having our own closet to sharing one the size of one we used to have to ourself. I got rid of enough shoes and clothes to clothe a few ladies my size. (5ft 1 inch, 130ish pounds, 34DD bra size) yea I'm sure there are not many of us... but at any rate someone can wear my stuff.

I am looking for pointers on how to be organized. I took my kitchen "junk drawer" down from 2 to 1. It's not bad, I bound pens and markers in a rubber band. They were the biggest sloppy looking part of the drawer.

What is your favorite organization tip? Please help me....



  1. All I will say is Flylady. I know that is silly because it is about decluttering and cleaning, but it is also about everything having a home and knowing where that home is based on your home and how you use it.

  2. i guess it's "ditto" here ;)hehe

    and in this new year, i am planning and hoping to deal with it one day at a time, starting with the room and to let go of those things i am not using (like the jeans that MIGHT fit again), have a garage sale and buy something i will use out of it.

    missing your visits dear! come see also my newly reconstructed earthy me

    wondering , can you also link earthy me

  3. I sure will. As soon as I can sit in front of my computer to do it. I'm on my iPod touch right now. This week has been super busy. Thanks for stopping by my blog