Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Toni Morrison's, Remember the Journey to School Integration= POWERFUL

If you haven't read this book please please go check it out from your local library.

This has got to be the most powerful children's book EVER. K and I started reading it,got about half the way in and had to stop because it was making us cry.

This book has real pictures and Toni offers her insight to the pictures, in the end it tells you the dates and real story behind the pictures.

It really brings things into reality. Having been born white in Florida in 1978. I don't think someone like me and really appreciate what went on only years before! We take for granted that everything is integrated these days. So much in fact that our kids don't even know what that word means.

Even our grandparents or parents generation can tell us first hand about these things.

Our generation really has no idea what some people had to go through. The riots, protests. Even parents not sending their white kids to school because black kids were going to be there. The is one picture of a little girl on her first day of school ever 1st grade. She was the only black kid at the school and was escorted in by marshals and was the only kid in her class because the other parents didn't send their kids. I can NOT imagine that today.

Anyway.. I wanted to share this with you guys because of how powerful this book is. this is not a "product review". lol as if Toni Morrison would ask a blogger to review her books teehee..

God Bless

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