Friday, January 15, 2010

Skirts for men? I don't like that...

Apparently this is a new trend. H&M is carrying this line, and they have it in their new catalog. I am not a fashionista, in fact, I am typing this in blue camo fleece pj pants and my LATECH (red) t-shirt. ( I got pj's on a bit early tonight because we had dinner earlier than normal.)

I don't think this is a trend I like. I don't want to see man legs peeking out from under a skirt. There is a place we eat at a lot here, called The Pub. It is a British inspired place, the uniforms require the men to wear kilts or skirts. I am sure THOSE guys are hoping this trend takes off, so they can actually go somewhere in their uniform. :)

Have a good weekend everyone. Don't forget MLK Jr and what he did for our country.



  1. Just no. I don't know any man with the legs to carry off a skirt.

    Kilts are something different and everyone knows that a true kilt wearing man doesn't wear anything underneath!

  2. At first I thought it looks funny:D That's mine!

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    Thanks and have a great day!