Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time scheduling.. more meaningful time for me..

I tell myself over and over that I'm going to spend more time reading. I did get a Kendle for Christmas and LOVE it. I've already read one book, I'm working on a 2nd and have at least 2 more in the que :). However, I only get to read on Sunday's. My days are too full.

Typical Day:
6:00am wake up-
wake up K-
take dog out-
feed dog-
6:15ish make breakfast for K-
let dog out again after she ate-
6:30-7 am Sit at the table chat with K while she eat and I drink my coffee, pray and read my bible

(Mon, Wed, Fri)
7 am-check email and get in the shower and get read to go to the gym
7:30 am leave for the gym
8:00-9 spin class or zumba
9-10am sculpt class
10am leave the gym come home or run errands such as groceries ect.
10am-2:30pm errands (if any), shower, eat lunch, check email, facebook, twitter, blog ect and watch the talk shows I tivo.

(Tues and Thurs)
7:30-9-9:30 housecleaning/working out-shower
9:30ish-11 watch talk shows I tivo
11 get read to go to K's school to volunteer in the library
11:30-1:00 volunteer at the school library
1:00 come home or run short errands-catch up on email, facebook ect

2:30-4 pm K gets home help her with snack and homework and watch dr. oz and the dr's
4/4:30 hubs gets home talk about his and my day (if I have anything to talk about lol)
5pm start dinner
6pm eat dinner
the rest of the evening is a blur between, cleaning up the kitchen, showers, ect. I have realized that from 6-8 I don't really care for any television. We are filling this time with yoga or studying for bench mark and SOL tests with K.
8pm K goes to bed
8-10 hubs and I watch our shows
10pm bed.

I have come to the conclusion I watch too much tv. I need to start scheduling reading time. Today I am going to try 2-3pm or 2-4 pm. I don't want this to only be reading time. I want this to be MY time. When I give myself facials, pedicures, ect. The ONLY problem with that is K gets home at 2:30 and usually homework isn't over until close to 4 pm. I suppose if I want to so "spa" type stuff for myself I could do them on my gym days after the gym.

I know I shouldn't watch tv as much but it's relaxing.. and I'm not mindlessly watching it. I am usually doing other things at the same time. On my computer reading blogs, messages, or folding laundry ect.

Sorry this post was so long and boring. I just needed to write it out like that so I can schedule some ME time... *sigh* I never thought I'd have to do that once I stopped working.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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