Thursday, January 21, 2010


My dog Zoey, (she is a bichon frise) in case you were wondering. Is so smart it drives me crazy. Literally.


Zoey: hoping on the couch, eyes saying "mommy, mommy I have to go potty NOW!"

Me: ugh dog it's cold out, ok c'mon

Zoey: smelling grass, trees, her "pee spot".

Me: standing on the porch FREEZING. I look up the road taking my eyes off the dog, after all she found her "spot" I don't like to stare that's rude after all.

Zoey: oh mommy is looking away, I'm going to run up to her now, she will think I went and give me a treat. I WIN!

Me: Dog there is NO way you went potty, there is no way you had enough time!

Her plan failed she didn't get a treat, in fact 30 min later when she really did have to go, I made her go lay down. Is that mean? LOL

She does this to us all the time it drives me crazy!!!

NOTE: about 45 min after her last attempt to go out she asked again and I let her out. She actually went and she got 2 treats. SPOILED brat!! lol

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.. I am ready for warmer weather!!!!

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