Wednesday, May 26, 2010

there is always a reason.. isn't there?!

Isn't it true?  Can't we always justify a purchase?  I feel so bad when I spend money on myself, but when all the "stars line up" and things are too good to pass then I do splurge on me.

Yesterday I received the Victoria Secret "semi-annual sale" catalog in the mail.  Lately I've been throwing them out because we have one income and I can no longer afford VS.  WELL I do NEED bra's and like my friend says "once you go VS you don't go back" so true.. I bought Target bra's and may as well threw the money out the window, they don't fit right so I've been wearing sports bras (yes I'm uniboob) for comfort.  My other bras are too big (since my losing over 20pds).

I figured I'd get 2 bra's (on sale for $13 ea) and while I was at it, the swim wear was on sale and I LOVE this cover up.  SOOO  I got the swim suit style above, I got the leopard print on my bottoms (the top in my size was sold out) and a blue top.  And I got the above cover up in this blue LOVE IT...

So back to what I was saying there is always a way to justify a purchase.  My excuse/reason: It's on sale! and I've lost over 20pds I DESERVE a new swim suit!!!!!!!  besides the swim suit was $14 for the whole thing!  Can't beat that!!!!!

Have a good Wednesday.



  1. Oh how cute! Now I have an urge to go shopping...I love that cover-up!

  2. haha, yeah...i know how you feel. just yesterday, i told myself i'm on a budget and that I am just to buy a shoe...but then once you have in your hands a last stock of a wonderful dress in your hand that fits you perfectly and on can't stop saying "it's meant to be!"

    missing you friend!