Monday, May 24, 2010


Good Morning.  Happy Monday, I hope everyone slept well last night.  As for me I didn't go to bed until 1am.  I had to process what happened on LOST.  LOL


If you did watch.  What do YOU think?   I am still in awwe...

So they have been dead this whole time?  They have been waiting for Jack to "be ready", to accept his death so they can move on? (Moving on in my opinion is Heaven, but that is my Faith).  Not everyone was there to "Move on"  what does that mean, they are going somewhere else? They already moved on?--- So many questions came up and yet answered themselves.  The writers left it up to us to interoperate.  I like that.  Have you ever watched something or read a book you were so into and then it ended and you were either not happy or unsatisfied with the ending?

LOST, however, did not disappoint me.  It began with Jack and ended with Jack.  Therefore, I believe it was Jack's journey and everyone was in purgatory until he came to terms with being dead.  In my mind their spirits were "LOST" on the island (they died on initial impact) and they had a chance to redeem themselves (they were not the "best" of people at the time of the crash). As they one by one redeemed themselves and accepted they were dead, they 'knew' and were 'ready' to move on.  We saw this happen one by one.  The underlying message was to "let go", that meant (in my opinion) to let go of life/living and accept you are dead and move on.  In the end when they were back in the States they were in purgatory and had a meeting point to "move on" once Jack was ready.

Well now the epic that we have known as LOST for so many years is now over.  I will miss it.  :)

*I'm sure this goes without saying, this is my opinion, I was in no way approached by ABC or Disney to review this show, I am only a fan.*

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  :)


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  1. This explains it really well. They weren't dead the whole time. They survived the plane crash, even returning to the Island. The "flash sideways" as my friend called it, was the area between life and afterlife, and it seemed that once the person died in real life, they connected to their "purgatory" self (which makes sense in theory, not faith obviously) and then when they touched their relationship counterpart, they remembered, they connected.

    So anyway, yeah, that link really explains it well.