Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's not a Monday. Are you sure?

This has been one of those mornings.  You know the ones, the mornings where you wish you could start over.

More often than not these happen on Monday's, do they not?  Mine is happening on a Tuesday.  TODAY!

This morning started off like any normal morning.  6:00 comes, alarm goes off time to get up, although this morning it was raining and I didn't want to get up.  BUT I have a 9 year old to get off to school.

*insert normal morning routine*

Time to head off to the bus stop.  I take my car keys ONLY car keys to get the umbrella out of the car, as well as take the recycling out to the can *multi-tasking*.  K comes out right behind me to go to the bus stop.  Apparently she swung the door open or the dog jumped on it after we walked out (she usually comes with us, but today it was rainy).  When I get home from the bus stop, I am LOCKED OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE.  Of course this happens when hubby is gone for work, hence no back up keys since mine are locked INSIDE the house!

Since we live on base I could have gone to the neighbors and called housing, or gone to housing (I did have my car keys but no ID's) and had the maintenance guy let me in.  I didn't want to wait..  I remembered the kitchen window being unlocked.  I think YES.. I can crawl through there.  I pop the screen out (harder than it sounds but I didn't break anything!) and crawl through the top of the window...  YES I'm IN!!!!  I had to beak into MY OWN house!!!  I did pop the screen back on MUCH easier than taking the stupid thing off.

I texted hubby and told him about it..  of course he joked at me and said most people take their keys when they leave the house!

I am soo glad that kitchen window was unlocked!

I hope everyone else is having a better morning than I have had.



  1. Sounds eerily close to something I might do! I hope the day is already going better!

  2. That was a great idea! Thank goodness it was unlocked and you got in without breaking yourself or anything else :)

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  3. I found you because you posted your "good news" (the window was unlocked) at The Mommy Files. That sounds like something I would do (though I never have). However, DH locked himself out of the rental house in Hawaii (before the kids and I moved over) and had to scale the side of the house to an upper window that was open. I remember him telling me about hanging precariously above the picket fence. LOL!

    I've read a little bit on your blog (just now) and I'm guessing your DH is stationed somewhere in the Va. Beach area. I lived there for 6 years (my Dad was Navy) and we have friends now who live in Hayes (not to far from Yorktown). We're visiting them soon, in fact, and staying at a motel in Williamsburg because their son is getting married. The patriarch of the family is stationed at Langley, but we met them in Hawaii 7 years ago.

    DH is retired Air Force and we live near Martinsville, VA, about 4 hours away from the coast. DH is such a kid - always *has* to take the ferry across the James River. LOL! I can't wait to hit the coastal area for the wedding...and a mini-reunion of 4 families who were in Hawaii. :o)

    Sorry to be so wordy. LOL!