Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm paying her, so why do I feel guilty?

Does anyone else feel guilty when you give you child(ren) an allowance to do specific chores, and you do nothing while they are doing said chores?

I don't do NOTHING, I may be checking email or reading or folding laundry or even making dinner (I don't feel bad if I'm making dinner).

I have never been the kind of person that could sit around and watch someone clean.   If someone is cleaning I feel this NEED to jump in.

This is exactly why I am saving bathrooms, and sweeping for when K gets home to dust and vacuum.  I want to just do all of it now and get it over with. BUT she is getting an allowance so I am not doing her chores for her, except for the occasional load of dishes I'll put away during the day while she is at school.  I am NOT going to let dishes sit in my sink while there are clean ones in the dishwasher that can be put away to make room for the dirty ones... lol

Am I the only one that actually saves housework for when their kids get home so they are not doing their chores while I'm doing something other than cooking or cleaning?


Double $1 coupons at Farm Fresh day...

Now I'm off to catch a bit of Wife Swap before K gets home.  That is my guilty pleasure.  lol



  1. My kids aren't really old enough yet, but I don't foresee it being a problem. I did tons of chores growing up without an allowance. It's not like i'm going to make them do everything, but they will do their share. I can't wait to have help with the house!

  2. My daughter is four and doesn't get an allowance yet, but she gets "stars" that she accumulates to buy things she wants. I think it's important to teach responsibility and sharing in the family so to me sounds like you're doing the right thing. Feeling guilty? I'm the wrong one to ask. I pretty much feel guilty about any leisure minute I can sneak. Terrible, isn't it?