Friday, May 14, 2010

I have miss you guys.

I'M BACK!!! I hope!!!

I've been working my reserve job and am now finished with that. While the money is great, I miss so much from being able to stay home.

*Cleaning while no one is home to mess it up or complain about anything

*Relaxing with a cup of coffee and GMA in the morning. Although I'm not a fan of how "formal" it looks now that George Stephanapolis is there... a morning show should be casual, don't make me switch to the TODAY show! lol

*reading- online newspapers, blogs, books, magazines ect

*Being there for K when she gets home, so I can make sure she understands her homework and talk about her day over after school snack.

*Staying in my PJ's until noon if I want too!!

*working out.. I haven't done anything if a few weeks (because of my back-which is much better now). But I was lucky to get 2-3 days in before.

I am so glad to have my life back to normal.. I can deal with working one weekend a month if I HAVE too.

I figure if it's God's will for me to stay home, then that's what will happen. If it's not then I'll get a job (I have applied for a few). Right now we are all comfortable where we are, we don't need a HUGE house and lavish vacations.

I have missed reading all of your blogs so much. I hope to be able to catch up :) If anything exciting or new happened with you recently drop me a link and I'll swing over to your blog.

HAPPY FRIDAY.. have a good weekend..


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  1. Oh I am so glad you are back!! Yeah to staying in your jammies til noon. Course that is always when the hot UPS guy comes:)