Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Fall

What are you most excited about for the Fall?
The leaves changing?
Cooler temperatures?
Halloween, Thanksgiving?
Wearing long sleeves?
Shorter days?
redecorating your house?
picking apples?
baking apple pies?

What excites you most about the Fall?

I love everything about Fall!

Do you have any traditions you do in the fall?

Happy Tuesday.


  1. When you talked the other day about changing your decor for fall, I was like... oh crap. Am I supposed to do that?? I only change things for Christmas.

    But what do I love about fall? you nailed it. LONG SLEEVES! Wearing my hair DOWN! Hoping that it might get cold enough that I can see my breath outside! YESSSSSS BRING IT!!!!

  2. I am most looking forward to the cooler weather. Memphis has missed the memo about fall, though so not sure when I'll see the change. But I can't wait for the leaves to change either!