Friday, September 17, 2010

I just don't understand people..

First let me start by saying.. WOW 2 blogs in one day.. I must have a lot to say

Did you hear on the news about this lady that was attacked and another lady threw acid in her face.. the "victim" was going on Oprah but cancelled, she was on all of the morning news shows.  She even had a sketch of her attacker..  an african american lady with short hair and 3 ear rings in one ear...

WELL it was a HOAX!!!  She threw the acid in her OWN face.. What is wrong with people..  There are so many things about this story that tick me off.
1. She wasted our time and the police and tax money
2. She was a white lady and said her attacker was a black lady.. why do people do that?!
3. She was all in the media, was even going on Oprah..  she is a LIAR
4. She was saying it was divine intervention that she bought sunglasses like 10 minutes before the "attack" happend.  And that she never wears sunglasses so it must have been God... That makes me mad because she even lied on GOD!!!

Why are people crazy..

Just like the Balloon by story and the guy that wrote that book and went on Oprah saying it was his story and it was made up!

What is wrong with people?!

I also saw on the news today that a dad got on a school bus to confront his daughters bullies.  His daughter has Cerebral Palsy and was being bullied.
1. I don't blame the dad .. did he do it the wrong way?  YES
2. I am ticked at the bullies parents, who doesn't teach their kids to accept everyone especially those with disabilities, they didn't choose to be that way.  Everyone has feelings!
3. Usually if kids are being bullied the parents can help the kids through it and teach them how to stick up for themselves, in this case the girl couldn't, she has limitations.  So was her dad right in sticking up for her YES!! I am so glad this little girl has a dad that loves her so much!  However he should have went to the school and/or bus driver and not yell and curse at the kid (bully).

Ok I am going to remove myself from my soap box now.

I just don't know what is wrong with people?



  1. I agree. That's insane. But, how sad her life must be to go to such extremes for attention.

  2. Wow. I didn't hear about that story, but I DID have the news on for balloon boy, and Ironman and I were praying like crazy. So annoyed by this stuff. it's just sick. sick and wrong.

  3. I heard about the acid hoax! The radio people were even having a discussion about it last night. Whack jobs!

  4. I dread the time that my kids get old enough that they may encounter a bully.