Monday, September 20, 2010

The excitement of the new school year has worn off...

It's ONLY the beginning of week 3 of school and already the excitement has wore off.  K was dragging this morning.  So much I had to threaten a 7:30 bedtime.  Her normal bedtime is 8pm but I let her read for 30 min.  The more and more she gets up dragging I'm moving up her bedtime.

However, the end result was success, she is fed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed and on the bus!  WHEW this morning took more energy than it should have.

Hubby is on an airplane heading out of town for the week for work.  I won't be doing a Menu plan this week.  When hubby is gone, K and I just wing dinner.  Sandwiches, Brinner (breakfast for dinner), tacos, pasta carbonara ect..  all of her favorite things and easy on me to make :)

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Oh yes! When Hubby is away it is all about what is easy!
    I can tell you, what I am tired of already is homework! I already did Grade 4, but feel like I am relieving that homework all over again:)

  2. it is hard when the husband is out of town! we love breakfast for dinner, too! and there's always take-out. :)