Friday, September 10, 2010

The days of summer are gone...

I am kind of sad summer days are gone.  I miss K while she is at school, but also love that I can relax after the house is clean and enjoy a clean house for a few hours, that I can eat or not eat lunch when I want, and that I can go to the grocery store by myself.  However, I am going to miss our spontaneous trips to the zoo, or farms, or Aquarium, or Parks, or canoeing ect...

On another note we are mostly moved into our new house... this is my favorite room and view in the house

We never have to worry about anyone moving in behind us because it's "protected wet lands".  LOVE THAT.

I do miss living across the street from the Bay that was an awesome view and not to mention our neighbors caught a ton of crabs and gave us some.. I'm all about FREE crab for dinner :)  but we are in a better school district and do not have to have the hassle of going and coming on the base anymore!

BUT Fall is upon us.. and it IS my favorite time of year.  I love the cooler weather, changing of the leaves, K's birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving which lead into the HOLIDAY'S.. Time goes by so fast the older you get.. some days I wish life was a TIVO and I could pause and rewind!

Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend..



  1. LOVE that window. What a wonderful place to relax. I'm a little sad about summer being over too. We had such a blast. My son just started school on Tuesday and my daughter will start preschool in a couple weeks. Then I'll start enjoying the daily alone time I haven't had for more than 7 years. What will I do? I'm also excited about grocery shopping alone. It's the little things that bring us so much pleasure.

  2. So are you ON base now? I'm sorry, I get confused:) It looks like a gorgeous house! Congrats! (I'm happy to say, I'm over my grief about school, and welcome the quiet times at home now!)

  3. oh stink! I think I'm on my husband's account! how annoying! It's Mama4Real!

  4. oh I too love your favorite room! Gorgeous:)

    I will miss summer, but I do love sweaters!~