Friday, September 17, 2010

What are you looking forward too?

I recently got one of those emails where you fill in things about yourself and fwd it to everyone you know.. you know the things I'm talking about, they are rampid on Facebook and Myspace (although I haven't had either for a while now so I'm not sure if they are so popular).

Well one of the questions was 3 things you are looking forward too... hmmm this one stumped me..

I did however love reading what everyone else was looking forward too.. that got me curious.  I want to know what YOU are looking forward too, it could be 1 thing for a handful..  but I want to know What are YOU looking forward too?

I would have to say K's 10th birthday in 2 weeks, and Fall...  AND being able to use the fireplace and drink some hot chocolate and relax in front of it...

Happy Friday!

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