Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh I would never.............

It's Friday, and this is my week-in-review. I don't know why ever it would be implicated that I would ever take short cuts.. I'm sure I wouldn't know what they were talking about...

I do NOT clean the downstairs of my house top-to-bottom 1 to 2 times a week, but the upstairs every other week.

I do NOT clean the downstairs bathroom 1-2 times a week and the upstairs bathroom only 1 time a week, especially since it's K's bathroom and we all know how sinks look after kids brush their teeth.

I do not occasionally do NOTHING all day, but shortly before hubby gets home, dust the downstairs to make it "smell" like I cleaned.

I did not leave leftovers in the fridge all week only to take them out this morning so hubby wouldn't sing happy birthday to the taco fixin's when he gets home.

Hubby does NOT sing or say Happy Birthday to leftovers if they are in the fridge for a week..

I am NOT taking today off from working out because I work this weekend and I HAVE to workout both days.

I do NOT think it's gross to clean MY hair out of MY shower.

I do NOT only vacuum my stairs 1-2 times a MONTH.

I do NOT secretly hate that we have a split stair case for the previous reason.

I do NOT see that grime left in the coffee cup and ignore it and keep drinking more.

I do NOT have to drink a small amount of ginger ale at lunch daily so I don't get sick in the afternoon and it's NOT because of my coffee addiction.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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  1. Bwhahah I do not do any of those things either. I especially do not fold all the laundry at the last minute and leave it stacked up on the couch so it looks like I worked my butt off all day when I really did nothing at tall!