Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm 32 today! EEEK

That seems so old. I don't feel old. I don't feel like an 18 year old either but I'd give myself 25-28 :)

What do you think (this was taken yesterday)

Today the hubs and I are going shopping for ME :) and grab some lunch at one of my favorite places. This evening the 3 of us are going to dinner at one of my new favorite places, and then we are coming home to eat the cake that K baked and iced for me. For the first time in YEARS I don't have a chocolate birthday cake. When I gave up Chocolate for Lent I didn't even THINK about my birthday. SO we are going for the spring cake :) I'll post a pic in my next blog maybe.. I don't have one handy right now.

Have a GREAT Friday all!!



  1. first, let me great you Happy Birthday! wishing you more years with your loved ones! and hey! you don't really look like 32! still radiant and hot! :) hope to see that spring cake soon! :) take care!

  2. Happy Birthday! 32's not bad. I'm gonna be turning 34 next week and I'm starting to feel old. Ha!

    Have a fun celebration with your family.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 YA MA!! May the Good Lord Bless U wit many, Many, MANY More! Birthdayz wit the Family, AWESOME.......Birthdayz wit JUST the hubby.....SPECTACULAR!! :0)

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    Have a fantastic day :)