Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow what a weekend.

Happy Monday.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Mine started out normal. Saturday was pretty uneventful.

Sunday is a different story. I didn't check my phone for messages until early afternoon when I was about to go for my long run. I had a text from my mom telling me that my dad passed out Saturday night and they couldn't wake him and had to call 911 and take him to the ER. WTW? I called her. Come to find out his Bloop Pressure was really low like 98/23 or something. And his minerals like sodium and potassium were really low. They took blood work and everything and sent him home late yesterday. He is feeling ok now. He has to go to his Doctor later this week. We are not sure really what it is.. any and all prayers are welcome. Thanks :)

Then last night K starts SPEWING... She has the stomach flu. I think she is starting to feel better. I made her some chicken noodle soup this morning (I'm so happy we roasted a chicken for dinner last night the soup was fast!) and she will eat on that all day. She isn't running a fever so I'm not sure what the deal is there. she will probably be back in school tomorrow. SO much for perfect attendance LOL...

No gym for me today, but maybe I can steal some time away to run on my treadmill or I'll go for a run when hubby comes home.

Another thing I don't understand is HOW can I weight one this yesterday and then be 4 pounds LIGHTER today... I didn't record my weight today because I know I'll go back up.. BUT I did like that number on the scale today... 123.4 LOOKS SO NICE!!!!! lol

Anyhoo, Happy Monday all.. I'm off to scrub K's bathroom.


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  1. Ug. What a weekend you had! Hopefully all is back on track today! Prayers for your Dad.
    Hugs for you:)