Friday, March 26, 2010

Who knew pot stickers would were so hard to make?!

Have you ever made these? They are made with won ton wrappers and stuffed with meat and cabbage and seasonings ( i didn't use the cabbage though). And dipped in a sauce we used sweet and sour.

They were soo yummy BUT a pain in the booty.

I used every pan I own except one (the one that I really should throw away!)

The first batch, I did as the directions say. Fry one side then steam in water.. UMM yea they STUCK and fell apart. Not sure what I did wrong, but that batch was GONE! K said "that's why they call them pot stickers" lol cute!

2nd batch I decided to fry like the first batch then put in the oven, I like them crispy all over. (I put them on a cooling rack on a baking sheet to keep them crispy all over). That batch I burnt on the bottom because I was also making myself something to drink. 2nd batch GONE!

the rest I payed attention too and turned out great! Hubby had 3 helpings and K and I got our fill and we still have 4 or 5 left. I made steamed rice and I bought so sushi to go with them...

Have you ever made pot stickers? WHat is the secret?

I suppose I can keep doing them in the oven after browning the bottom.

They are so much work to fill and fold ect. Whew... but they are worth it.

Happy Friday all :)


  1. You see? This is WHY I don't cook. Problem solved.

  2. they look delicious! can you just ship some? :)

  3. They look lovely :) but difficult to make...