Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Birthday is Friday, have I met my goals?

Well, Well, Well, I turn 32 on Friday. It's not a milestone birthday, in-fact, I'm happy my birthday is coming. Who doesn't want a day to celebrate themselves? I'll admit when I turned 30, I was depressed! I cried and cried. My hubby took me out shopping, I didn't want anything but diet pills (I wasn't fat but felt that way) I took diet pills that day and never again! Ugg those little buggers made me so sick!

31 came without incident. Now it's time for 32, eh no biggie. Maybe when I turn 40 I'll have another bone crushing mid-life crisis, but for now I am perfectly fine with my age. I'm not ashamed to tell people my age. In fact I still get ID'd at times.. Not as much as I used too, and more so when K isn't with me. LOL not too many people under 21 have a 9 year old kid! HAHA...

I set some goals for myself to accomplish by my birthday this year.

1. Run a 5k

Not only can I run a 5k but I can run a 10k! My times aren't great but I can run the entire thing. I am thinking about actually entering a race!

2. To weight 123 pds. (my goal weight is 115 but I may stop at 120 it depends on how I feel when I get there)

I started getting serious about my weight after Christmas. Let's face it, it's not a good idea to start a weight loss program until after the holiday's anyway.

My starting weight was 137 around the beginning of November. I started trying to eat better around then. When I started recording everything I was 134.

So did I make my goal to be 123 on my birthday? I'm afraid not.. I am 125.4 this morning. So at best I will be in the 124 range. Not bad! I am perfectly happy with this weight! I have gotten compliments at the gym, hubby has definitely noticed (that's the one I love the best). I am wearing size 5's again, (some are a bit snug and I have a bit of a muffin top, but I'm getting there).

So I may not have made my weight goat of 123 but 124 is only a pound off and I am perfectly happy with that. Now eating healthy and working out is a lifestyle. So I am not on a diet this is just my life.

So, come Friday, I'll be a 32 year old, wife and mother of 1, and a pretty fit one too boot. Even K tells me I'm "skinny", when it comes from a kid it's great!

Although I'm not done, I'm only 5'1" so if my numbers seem "small" to you, take that into consideration. If you go online it says my weight should be 105 NO WAY!!! I'd be a skeleton! SO I don't want to go below 115.

Stereo types out the window I am announcing to the whole bloggy world (those few that read LOL) I am 32 years old and weight 125 pounds!!! ( come friday ) lol..

Happy day all!



  1. This is such a great post! Happy birthday (on Friday)!! You are doing great and are definitely an inspiration. Congratulations on everything!

  2. That's truly amazing! You should be proud of yourself!!!!

  3. Happy birthday! I am 32 too as well and the other day I completely forgot how old I was! One of my goals is to run a 5K one day, but first I gotta get back to running if that's possible. Enjoy your day!