Friday, March 5, 2010

Officially Claiming today as "Lazy Day"....any takers?

It's TGIF and I am officially claiming today as "Lazy Day". I think we all need one of these from time to time. Care to join me? If not that's fine, continue to be a productive member of society, see if I care... :)

My normal Friday routine is:
Get K off to school
Daily quite time
Breakfast/coffee/check email if I have time
shower and at the gym by 7:45ish
Spin class
Sculpt class
Yoga class
Errands if I have any
housework if any needs done
catch up on my morning talk shows and "real housewives" (my guilty pleasure)
K home-snack ect............

I have done everything up until the gym. I have decided to get back in bed, read some blogs, charge my IPOD, drink more coffee, watch Good Morning America.. and write this blog.

I think from time to time we need a day of "lazy" to recharge our batteries. My birthday is next Friday (32). Don't we get a whole week for our birthday's? Mine starts today :)

Eventually I'll move from the bed and shower and get dresses. Move to the couch for more laying around to watch TV. I do have real housewives of OC and NY to watch.. YAY and all before K gets home.. not appropriate for her to see. OH that reminds me. K is 9, there are some PG-13 movies she can see. We watched "Year One" Monday when she was home sick. OH EM GEE.... I wish someone would have warned me about this movie!!!!!! I didn't want to make a big deal out of the "unsavory" parts I just said "this is boring and fast forwarded it". She didn't like that and wanted to see it. By the way if you have seen this movie you will know what I'm talking about.. She asked "what are they cutting off".. I was like "I don't know, I think their fingers." UGGGGGGGGG....... I redeemed myself by watching "Balto" after. What a cute movie, which we followed up by internet research on the real story.

If you are on board with "Lazy Day" ENJOY... if not continue to be productive.. it's ok :)

Happy Friday..



  1. Lazy days are THE BEST! Hubby and I call them pajama days and we try to have them quite often! It's just so cozy to lounge around when you're running around nuts all week long. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. thanks.. I did!! now back to normal lol