Monday, March 8, 2010

military installation, feeling secure

This is the first time I've ever lived on base. When I first went into the military when I was 18, I was married (my first hubby) and never lived in the dorms. YEARS later, after getting out, re-marrying, having an awesome kid, this is my first experience living on base.

I never understood how people even wanted to live on base. The houses seem small, there are so many rules, the noise is crazy and at time almost unbearable. The speed limit blah, blah.

I absolutely LOVE living on base! It is so safe, there isn't much we need to even go off base for. We have a grocery store, gas station, the BX, 2 gyms, library, churches, movie theatre, bowling alley (under construction), hospital with 24 hour urgent care, fire station, parks and golf course ect. The only thing I NEED to go off base for is the dog groomer. They even have a vet on base, I don't use it though.

K loves the exclusivity of living on the base. Since you need an ID to get on not everyone can come on base. It makes her feel "special" she loves it.

I love that she can go to the park, or go out and play and I don't have to worry about her being kidnapped or anything like that. She has more friends here than she ever did in our "high end subdivision" we lived in at our last assignment. We may live in a duplex but we have 4 bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms for the 3 of us that is more than enough. There seems to be a closeness with living in duplexes and we don't have a shortage of yard either. Our dog gets plenty of running around time.

As I am typing this the "sound of freedom" is ringing over head, and at times it's so loud is shakes our house and we have to pause the TV and things like that. But it's something that you can overlook for security of knowing your baby is outside playing and you aren't worried about someone trying to steal her. We took the dog for a walk and ended up at the park yesterday. There were families outside just chit chatting, we stopped and talked on the way. A lady even had a treat for the dog. She said she doesn't have a dog, but keeps them for people walking their dogs.

I'm sure eventually we will live off base again. Face it no one wants to live in a duplex too long and when you have kids and a dog, you tend to worry about noise.

BTW... next time you are at the park with your kids.. just TRY the monkey bars.. WOW what a workout.. I used to be a pro at them when I was a kiddo... I felt it in my arms this morning :) good stuff...

Have a good week all



  1. That sounds like a great place to live... I have had to go to a Navy base for work before and they are extremely nice.. And it always impresses me how much stuff is on base! I am jealous that your gym is so near, and a movie theater? That's awesome. I tried doing monkey bars with a child that I work with and it was a struggle!

  2. i agree, looks like a nice place! and you're right s SUPER SAFE place! at this time and age, you don't see much of that outside the base.

    you look really young to have married twice...actually young to have ever married ;)

  3. LOL Jenie thanks!!! I'll be 32 on Friday! My first marriage was at 18 and over by 20, no kids. We never should have been married LOL.. I've been with my current hubs for 10 plus years :)

    We have a movie theatre, but it's only 1 screen and we get movies about a month after they come out. FYI Valentines day will be there in 2 weekends. But it's dirt cheap so I don't mind waiting :) For the price of tickets AND popcorn/candy/drinks, on the "outside" it would just be the cost of tickets!

  4. advance happy 32nd then! ;) well, i'm a year older than you this coming june ;) but i've got a 4 year old cherub and no hubby, seems like we're a little different there haha. congratulations to your 10+ years (envy!!! lol)

    thanks for your comment as well and it's here"