Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orthorexia Nervosa.... it's always something

Have you heard of Orthorexia Nervosa?

Here is a link.


This is a "new" eating disorder. Where people eat healthy. WHAT so NOW eating healthy is bad. What will be next?!?!?!

Maybe I am so defensive of this because I have almost ALL the signs of this eating disorder. If you click on the link you will see the signs. I will copy and paste them here and explain my "link" to them.

Some traits include:
Spending considerable time--often 3 or more hours per day--thinking about healthful foods and planning what to eat. <-- Ok so I don't plan my food for hours, but I do plan in the morning what I am going to eat that day and put it into my "LOSE IT" app to see if I have enough fiber and protein and add what I need and take away what I need to make 30 grams of fiber, 60 grams of protein and still stay under my calories. This doesn't take hours but it takes time and planning.

Experiencing guilt, fear or self-loathing when straying from this diet. <--- Oh I do feel guilty if I go over my calories or if I eat something that is bad, outside of my normal one sweet a day. If I ate a fast food meal I would feel so sick all day!

Placing the virtue of the food above the pleasure of eating it. <--- as I mentioned before. I plan my grams of fiber and protein so yes I will eat stuff I don't want or like to get that! I may NOT want an apple for snack but if I need the fiber YEP I'm eating it. If I really enjoy what we have for dinner, I will limit to one serving even if I'm wanting more, because most likely it's a high calorie item (IE the mashed potatoes I made last night they were YUMMY but I had a bit over 1/2 a cup only)

Sacrificing relationships and once-enjoyed activities in order to eat the "right" foods. <--- this one makes me sad. I LOVE going out with friends and family and enjoying meals out. When I do,do this I limit to just about 1/2 of a salad (because the salads usually have a TON of calories in them) or eat an appetizer (1/2 of it) and a side salad and maybe one piece of bread IF THAT!. SIDE NOTE: I am happy the new health care bill will require calories to be posted, I am OCD about my calories!

Gaining self-esteem and a sense of control from eating healthy foods. <-- yes very true. I feel sad and fat when I eat bad, when I eat "right" I feel successful and happy!

Looking down on others who don't eat the same way. <-- Sadly YES. If I see people that eat fast food alot, I think of how I want to just shake them and say DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS FOOD DOES TO YOU!!! I also feel this way when I am at a restaurant and someone orders something fried and bad and alot of it and eats ALL of it.. I know it's not my life and I shouldn't judge them but, I don't think America would have an obesity problem if people ate "right" more than they ate "wrong"

Becoming socially isolated in order to follow an eating plan.
<-- This goes along with the going out with friends and family one from before. I want to avoid "eating" get togethers because I can't control my calories! This is why I am so HAPPY about the new health care bill and restaurants having to post calories!! I will go out to eat more often now! I also hope people look at them as well and taylor what they normally would eat!

So do I have this eating disorder? YES.. I may be a bit of a hypochondriac with this but I do have pretty much all of the signs. Do I think I need "HELP" for this? NO.. since when does eating healthy become a problem? I eat a balanced diet, meat, fish, grains, veggies fruits, dairy ect so I DO get all the nutrients I need so I am not being malnourished so I don't think it's a problem!

As I we need something else to worry about. NOW this new "eating disorder". SO SUE me for eating healthy.. this is ridiculous!

ok I'm not getting off my soap box.

Have a good day all :)


  1. Seriously, disorder usually speaks to something BEING WRONG! Absolutely ridiculous. Wow.

  2. i would think that from the good morning america segment, that dropping 60 pounds is disorder.

  3. Anonymous... you are right. If someone is unhealthy then YES it's an eating disorder, but if you are eating healthy and hitting all the food groups then it's not a problem. That girl on GMA wouldn't eat dairy and stuff like that. I think she did have a problem, but I was SHOCKED when I had the "symptoms". I am losing weight but I eat all the food groups!! Even dairy when I HATE milk and cheese.. I force it.. LOL OOPS that's probably one of the "signs" above.. Maybe I'm just being defensive. But I do think people should eat healthy. If a person eats say Mcdonald's more often then they eat veggies and fruit then I say THAT is ALSO an eating disorder. Don't you agree?

  4. I completely agree. Sorry, I get a little defensive too when people say it's not a disorder. I am ALL for eating healthy and limiting junk foods. There are LOTS of people who can eat vegan, raw food diet, microbiotic, etc. and do it healthy! It's the point of when it consumes your life and begin to lack proper nutrition because of a fear of food that doesn't fit in your "box" of "do eat". Yep - gluttony is just as much of a disorder as someone who only eats 200 calories of fruits and veggies a day because they want to be "healthy"

  5. That's ok. Your opinion is just as important as mine. I think we are on the same page though. Maybe I presented it wrong here. I was putting the "disorder" to me and my life. I do think people take things to extremes. But if you think about it anyone on a fad diet has this eating disorder. The big one that comes to mind is Atkins. I think some of the fad diets are responsible for many eating disorders. It 'teaches' you how to limit intake of foods. I prefer they teach us how to eat a healthy quantity or the correct stuff. IE:english muffin instead of bagel, Brown rice instead of white. Those are the "diets" that work. I don't even consider that a diet, it should be a lifestyle. That's why I enjoy things Like "eat this, not that" and "Hungry girl".

  6. you're right on! just as media can push people toward obesity, they can also push you toward eds! A healthy lifestyle is great but not when you cut out so much that you become sick.