Thursday, March 4, 2010

To lunch or not to lunch, that is the question.

Good Morning! Happy Thursday.

K has been buying school lunch for a few months. Partly because she likes it and partly because I got too "lazy" to make her lunch every morning.

I've been paying attention lately and ate lunch with her last week at school. The food is CRAP! What I had when I ate there was Pizza dippers (these little dough things with cheese inside and pizza sauce to dip it in) and french fries and a fruit cup. WTW?! pizza dippers AND french fries? This is a typical lunch for her. They offer veggies but the kids choose what they want.. AS IF she's going to choose veggies.

So, after much thought and discussing my decision with her. I decided to start making her lunch again. I am going to try to be a bit creative with it, so it doesn't get boring. We all know when you take your lunch you get in a rut of the same thing daily. Although she wasn't too happy about taking her lunch today, she will be since I put her current favorite food item (go-gurt) in her lunch. I froze it to thaw (just like the commercial) LOL...

Michelle Obama is so worried about America's kids and obesity. She should REALLY take a look at school lunches and breakfasts for that matter. If kids are eating donuts for breakfast and french fries and pizza dippers and milk for lunch and then snacks ect.. of COURSE they are going to be over weight. K is super active so we don't worry about weight, but since we live such a healthy lifestyle it's not something we worry about as a family either.

On another note. I have added my "tweets" to my blog. I love this thing. Too cute. Now all of you can see what I tweet and I tweet often. Also I tweet other bloggers and giveaways I enter ect. If you have twitter, go ahead and follow me and I'll follow you.

I hope everyone has a good weekend planned. The weather here is supposed to be awesome :) I am so ready for Spring!


*this is not a sponsored blog. "go-gurt" did not pay me nor ask me to review their product. This is simply my opinion.


  1. We pack those lunches every day! No choice here except for the odd Pizza lunch. I find it helps if I have my girls help me! :)

    Oh and I'm following you on twitter now. @SassyModernMom

  2. I give my kiddos a set amount of money each month. It allows them to buy their lunch an average of 2-3 times per week, depending on how they spent the money the month before, if they have any leftover $, etc. The rest of the time they pack. Our school lunches here seem fairly healthy - they give us the fat grams, calories, sodium, etc. for the meals. However, like you said, there's no guarantee as to what the kids pick!

  3. A great thing to notice how the lunches are. I know it is hard to make them??

  4. Darn! I wrote a great post but it I pushed the wrong button and lost it.Anyway Kids are funny that way no matter what we make for them they always want the school Lunch.My son is preschool so he get lunch at home BUT boy does he run for the Breakfast LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I soo excited for the new baby.

  5. -sorry I put "it" on accident.:)