Monday, November 16, 2009

"MOM I told you it was tomorrow"

K. was officially embarrassed by me this morning. She was so embarrassed she didn't want to go to school!

Her school sends home a calendar for every month telling of all the events, days they are out ect. I hang it on the refrigerator so I can keep it handy. They have been practicing for the concert they are going to do since school started. The teacher sent home notes and told them many times that they have to wear specific colors, and it has to be dressy. Her calendar said the concert was today. K said her teacher said it was Tuesday. We went over this a FEW times this weekend (it was a long one because of the November Nor'easter). We went back to this trusty calendar over and over. So I convinced her to wear her dress, dress shoes, pretty flower headband that matches the whole 9 years. I send of out of the door... oh mind you, she did ask me to call her teacher because she just wasn't sure it was today and she didn't want to be embarrassed by wearing that to school.

Shortly after she heads out to the bus stop, telling me she will see me at 9:00, she's back. OOPS YEP she was right! Her other little friend that goes to her bus stop and her mom said it was tomorrow.. SORRY BABY GIRL that's NOT what the calendar said. I took another look at the calendar and YES is does very SMALL, since they are also doing a concert at a local book store during the book fair tomorrow night!

I let her change and I took her to school. She seemed fine, but while she was getting her dress off, she was saying how she didn't want to go to school, she it too embarrassed. AWWW I FEEL SO BAD... it's better to be safe than sorry RIGHT?!

on another note, everything is working great and we are able to shower now!!!



  1. That is too funny! Definitley better to be safe than sorry, though!

  2. awww kids are so adorable how they get embarassed so easily. My mom would dress me up ridiculously for my school pictures as if I was going to a wedding with these giant bows and hair sprayed hair all the kids were like wtf. LOL. It wasn't to bad thought at least she didn't have to go to school in it so only the bus stop kids knew ; P

  3. Aww - well at least she wasn't embarrased in front of the entire school! The Nor'Easter is over thank God!

  4. Yes. I agree.. That stinkin Nor'Easter is out of here!!!