Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My theory and why it's messed up!

My theory is stores take the season's "HOT" Toys and save them in the back until Black Friday or later. Almost as if they are rationing them. I think this is messed up.. I am willing to pay full price TODAY for a few of these little hamsters, tunnels and cute little car. BUT they are NO WHERE to be found today. This ONLY makes the "HOT" toy even hotter. Stores can basically mark them up in price just so they can mark them down (to regular price) to make it look like a sale.

I am so aggravated. At least K is too old to believe in Santa, so if I don't get these coveted little hamster toys then I will be able to explain it to her. She will be disappointed no doubt, but she will understand they are sold out and she will get them, just not now. When they believe in Santa they don't understand why Santa didn't bring them something. I have already talked her out of the Barbie digital nail printer. She wasn't upset over that. I just told her I may not be able to find these cute little critters she wants. She got upset, but I want to brace her. She even told me "I bet you did get them and you are telling me you didn't so I will be surprised." She may be disappointed Christmas morning. However, the gift that my in-laws got her will make up for it. THANK GOODNESS... She may be able to wait longer on this current coveted toy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... Have a blessed day!


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