Saturday, November 14, 2009

Showering in the sink

If you have been reading my blogs. We had had a November Nor'easter come through. It is gone now, but we are still having some flooding in the area. If you have never experienced a flood, consider yourself lucky. The sewers gets flooded, therefore there is no where for the water to go when you flush your toilets. We have experienced this for 2 days now. Last night it started over flowing into the bathtubs.. CAN YOU SAY NASTY!!!! It drains but leave the tub nasty and drains very slow. Therefore it's not a good idea to shower. I hate going into my bathrooms right now, because I am used to keeping the CLEAN.. ugg it's driving me crazy!! I want to sterilize in there so bad!

Anyway life goes on! K has a concert at school on Monday. She has to wear a specific color and dress up. We have the dress covered. Her shoes from last winter are however too small. Her feet grow FAST! I have been putting off buying her shoes because I didn't see spending the money when she didn't really need them. NOW I am regretting that decision! I have to shower in the sink, meaning wash my hair in the kitchen sink and clean up *cough, you ladies understand what I mean!* Just so I can take her to buy shoes. We are also swinging by the grocery store to get some crab legs. We are all really wanting those! Since I received my que to get dressed, after I write this I'm going to get ready to go.

Since we are mostly home bound, we decided to make it a lazy Saturday morning. We (me and DH) didn't get out of bed until 9 am... When I got up he made coffee and I made breakfast. We ate and started watching some of our TIVO'd shows while drinking our coffee on the couch in our PJ's. Let me preface this by saying we live on the base. It's about 10 am now, we see someone coming up the walk to our door. OMG we are in our PJ's and I haven't showered since Thursday!! DH runs to the room to get dressed, the door bell rings. I can't just NOT answer... SO I answer in my PJ pants and baggy T-shirt and ugly hair pulled back into a pony tail. Yes, by 10 am MOST people are up and dressed and cleaned up.. Everyone except US.. so I don't blame the Captain from the legal office that decided 10 am wasn't too early to go door to door to assess storm damage. After all we are the Air Force, the U.S. Military has a saying, "We do more by 9 am then most people do ALL day." This is true. Most people are at work by 6 or 7 am. When you are used to being up that early, you don't sleep late on the weekends. 10 am is a reasonable time to ring someone's door bell, it is after all almost LUNCH time!

Now I am off to shower in my kitchen sink and take K to get some shoes. And I'd like to maybe start some Christmas shopping!

I am also currently going through the list and following blogs from the "Follow me Club". I am probably half the way through. This is taking a long time but I will get through it. So if you are following me from there THANK YOU and I want you to know that I am not finished, it's a work in progress.



  1. Great post and I understand the weather, we have it different but it does hamper things.
    kim mbc

  2. A few years back we had a hurricane here and our power (which means our hot water) was out for a week! A whole week of sponging off the nasty bits in freezing cold water pretty much drove me batty. We started going to the pool in the neighboring city (where they had power) to, er "swim". I wonder if they ever got suspicious of us and our luggage coming in everyday?! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon:)

  3. Floods sound nasty.Glad to know that the worst is over for you.

    Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to more visits to your lovely blog.

  4. Not nice at all but these things happen. Long time ago, my sis-in-law's house used to suffer from floods. When it rained heavily, the river nearby would swell. Well, snakes came in too!!

  5. oh girlfriend. I feel your pain, I have been there and done that when we have had our power out for days during hurricane seasons.

  6. Oh yes, the infamous sink bath, lol Our older neighbor said when she was little and the had no electricity the saying was... Wash up as far as 'possible'... wash down as far as 'possible... then was 'possible'! hahaha Good luck to ya!