Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's TIme out for Theta Mom Thursday. Hoset by

Where we share what we did for US this past week. An hour we took to ourselves.

Mine wasn't really something I did for me, as opposed to what I really loved this week:
twice I had lunch with DH. Yesterday trying a new restaurant that I LOVED.

I hope everyone is able to take time out for themselves this week!



  1. Lunch is always a good time out! Thanks for linking up and sharing. :)

  2. You're welcome! It seems to be the only meal we can enjoy together while the little one is at school. :)

  3. btw, I love your being thankful posts! I don't care if it is a friend, hubby, or just my babies, I love a good lunch out!

  4. thanks Vicki... :)

    You are right! A good lunch out is the BEST... I like breakfast too, but I don't do that much since I like to sit around in my robe with my coffee. By the time I'd get out it would be lunch time HA!

  5. luch with dh sounds good to me! especially if you were able to do it twice in one week!

    it's probably been months since i had luch with mine!