Tuesday, November 3, 2009

making me feel lazy

So I just saw on "EXTRA" that some of the "Dancing with the Stars" dancers have the flu and they are still preforming! WTW I've been bed ridden with the flu the past 2 days.. NOW THAT just makes me feel LAZY!! Especially since K has pretty much had the run of the house since she didn't have school today, and I really have some house cleaning to do. I also spilled some coffee on the carpet in the office this morning putting mail in there, so that needs shampooed. AND I spilled coffee on my duvet this morning, but that probably needs washed anyway to get my germs off of it. :)

I have felt better today. I actually have been watching so many trailors, and stuff about "New Moon" that I had a dream about Robert Pattinson today...hmm don't remember it though :)

My copy of Twilight is messed up so I am downloading it on Itunes right now.. I 'm going to watch tonight :)

Since those darn dancing people can dance with the flu, I suppose I can clean tomorrow..

ALSO I wish more places delivered food. I had to go to the store today to buy some soup. I wish I could have had some delivered!

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