Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Friday

I am so excited. Still trying to decide if I want to go today or not. I am going to see it regardless. I am just not feeling too hot.. sinuses. I also hate crowds and am very picky about where I sit in a movie theater. I am thinking 10 on a Monday or Tuesday will be less crowded then on a Friday.

Do anyone else avoid movies or events because of the crowds or what is familiar? (like I always want the same seat in the movies, top row middle!).



  1. I hate crowded places, especially movie theatres! Im still bummed i didnt go to the midnight premeir, but people waited 7hrs inline eeek! So far im going tomorrow, which will probably be just as bad as tonight, but here's hoping that theres not a rush of twilight fans in my rinky dink town haha!!

  2. lol good luck with that! Enjoy the movie!!

  3. I hear ya I read the entire series in one week it was so addicting, however I have not seen it yet, and the midnight showing was a line so long here in Az they had refreshments outside lol. I am waiting for the lines to clear and then I wanna see it.

    God bless

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  4. Here in TX they used every single Theater room and still sold it. It was CRAZY packed I've never seen something like that for a movie.

    But,let me tell you New Moom was well worth it to put up with a crowded place :)


  5. Hate crowds? You're gonna want to wait. TheHusband and TheTeen went last night at 10pm, with tickets, and finally saw it at 1am. With all theaters showing New Moon in that complex. People EVERYWHERE.

    They loved it, though.

  6. OK I'm getting really jealous of everyone going to see this except me. I've been banned by my teenager who won't let me go with her and I don't want to go by myself. I'll have to wait for the DVD.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw the movie yesterday. I was feeling better and tired of being in the house. I thought it was so much better than Twilight. Just seeing Jacob with his shirt off was worth it. lol There were young girls all over the place that screamed when Edward or Jacob came on the screen the first time. That was annoying but they stopped after their moms told them to keep quiet. lol

  8. Usually, I am okay with crowds, but crowds of Tweens... Hmm, that's another story!! :) I would want to go when school is in session. Let me know how it is, and if it's worth fighting the crowds to see it!

  9. When I went to see Twilight I think I waited to long since the young girls were calling out the their favorite parts. I guess it was like their third time watching it. LOL! So I am not sure I want to wait to long to see it this time. Maybe a matinee during the time everyone is eating turkey dinner would work. I look forward to reading your thoughts about the movie.

  10. I want to see it so much! My husband even read the series and is dying to go!! Hope you had fun! :)

  11. Hope you enjoyed the movie:) Thanks for the follow. I'm following you too now:) Have a great weekend!

  12. I definitely stay away from places because of crowds. Most of the time I cannot deal. I'm really big on personal space as well. I don't even like it when people are right up on me in a grocery line. I hope your sinuses get better. :)

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  14. Have fun! Im not a theater person...will most probably watch it at the coziness of home ;)

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